snow in the mountains

and that’s exactly where it should be. not down here messing up traffic and making a mess everywhere else. snow has its place and it’s not near me!! i love looking at it on distant mountaintops. i do not love looking at it out my door on my car, on the driveway, making it slippery to drive, mountains are where snow should reside. i’ve already seen snowfall this month, i’m over it.

i’ve got scented candle wax melting in the kitchen, i think the scent is sugared lavender. it sure does smell good. i love it. i get the scented wax at walmart and they aren’t very expensive. i have a lot of unscented tea light candles to burn under the scented wax so, i can have that glorious scent all over the place. it’s good. kinda hides the stench of the people who smoked in here before me.

i gathered up a lot of things that need to be in a big suitcase. i’ll drag it out of the closet in a bit. i think i can manage with one big suitcase and a big canvas bag for the 10 or so days i’ll be in the nashville area. my sister does have a washer and dryer. even with Daisy’s things, i should have more than enuf room. my laptop is going into my suitcase. i need it cause i’ll have to schedule bills to be paid.

early sunday morning,
i guess i was too busy cleaning and packing yesterday to write much yesterday. i’m about ready to go. i’ve got things in the big suitcase, i’ve got things in small bags to go into the suitcase after i put on my makeup and do my hair in the morning, i’ve got food and clothes for Daisy, i’ve got coloring materials, i’ve got 3 books to read, i’ve got my fire tablet, all that’s going into my small duffle bag, mostly clothes are going into the suitcase. i have my small pencil sharpener and my charging station to add to the duffle bag. i’ve got my jackets and scarf and my heavy vest. all my meds are in the 7-day pill container. got toothbrush, toothpaste, i’m taking my own coffee kcups cause i don’t know what kind, if any, my sister has. i’m pretty much ready, louise has to be that one pair of jeans for me and that sweater for Daisy. i forgot to get them washed on thursday and she said she’d wash them and air dry them for me and bring them tomorrow morning. got my hair products, my flat iron, i’m pretty sure i’ll be ready by this time tomorrow morning. i doubt she’ll ready before now. all will be packed and i’ll be waiting.

she will be surprised to see my island. i haven’t told her about it. i wanted her to see it for herself. it’s another one of those things that i saved for and did without things so i could get it. that’s the only way i can get things nowadays. is do without, stay home, and not spend money til after i get what i want.

i’ve just about got the fridge empty of stuff that will spoil while i’m gone. the food trash, (chicken bones and such) is being stored in the freezer til i get back. must remember to put my ice cube in a container in the freezer so i’ll know the power stayed on and the food is still good. just swept the kitchen and cleaned the sinks. i’ve wiped off everything so it’s all clean. i still need to water all my plants. i’ll sweep the other rooms once i have everything watered. there are some dead leaves i need to clean up. all my salt lamps will be on while i’m gone but, i’ll leave a light or two on in the other rooms as well. my car will be here so, i’m thinking no one will know if i’m here or not.

i discovered overnight that the volume control on my directv remote quit working. i changed batteries, still not working, everything else works fine. i’ll call directv for another one when i get back. i do not want it delivered here while i am gone. can’t be positive it’ll still be in my mailbox. not that i don’t trust people but, i don’t know the people here so no, i don’t trust them. i’ll get it delivered to louise’s even so. i’m guessing penny will be checking on the mail every day or so and will be taking it inside.

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