sunday afternoon,

well, i wonder what the dimms are gonna say about not being told about the covert action in syria until it was over? i’m sure they are gonna spin it into just another reason for impeachment. President Trump just didn’t want leaks as ‘they’ are prone to doing. i do hope the military dog will be okay from his injuries. i heard they were serious. two soldiers were slightly injured and are back to their jobs. it was a good thing that happened, that man needed to die. i feel awful that as well as killing himself he killed 3 children that he dragged into the tunnel with him. that was two cowardly things he did. some of his evil actions, burning alive a downed pilot from jordan, kidnapping an aid worker, raping her repeatedly and then killing her, beheading numerous men i think because of their religion. that’s just a few of the evils he committed. he deserved to die. and i’m glad he’s dead. i’m glad President Trump said he was gonna call the families of the people he hurt while he was alive and let them know he’s dead.

i finally got around to hanging up the new shower curtain and liner. it’s a lighter color and i think it makes the bathroom look bigger. i know it’s not but, it does look that way. the dark blue seemed to shrink the tiny room and make it feel even tighter. not too fond of the plastic hangers for them but, i’ll take care of that next time i’m somewhere i can get better ones. i’m happy for now. I just took my first shower with the new and lighter shower curtain and liner. yes, it does feel bigger, it’s light and i don’t feel so closed in behind the dark shower curtain.

Daisy and i went outside this morning for a couple of hours. i attached her long leash to the ball hitch on my jeep so she could wander around a bit while i moved and swept under and around the crates at the front door. it looks nice again. i had to rearrange some of the plants though. the wind blew over some of them and broke the fragile branches. i cut a number of them off and placed them in jars of water. i cut those plants back to where only the undamaged stalks remain. i put different ones up on the crates. as the plants die off, i’ll move the crates and sweep underneath them and get the pot ready for spring. eventually, i’ll have only pots filled with fresh potting soil waiting until planting time in the spring. i hope to have a lot of cuttings ready to put in those pots come springtime. gonna help the cuttings over the winter and early spring do as well as they possibly can so they will survive and grow for me.

Blake called me yesterday and told me he’d be at louise’s between 6 am and noon. i’m not gonna be there until just before 8 am. louise is leaving at 7:30. he’ll have to deal with pat and Baxter until i get there if he actually gets there at 6 am! somehow, i just don’t think he will be there at that time. i’m thinking more like noon. guess we’ll see how it goes.
LATER: Blake just called. he’s on his way now! at 6:30 pm. he said he’ll be here by 10:30 or so. can’t rely on him to do what he says!! he’s coming here and sleeping on the couch. we’ll go to louise’s in the morning. it will be nice to talk with him for a bit with no one else around. besides, ben has been painting all day and i’m sure it’s not ready for people. louise will be taking madi to the airport in the morning and won’t be there when we arrive so not sure which bedroom is whose just yet.

i’m gonna go read for a while before Blake gets here. most likely, i won’t have much of a chance to read again until he’s gone back to NH. in may go color a bit, too. won’t be much time for that until he’s heading back home. probably won’t be writing or reading here until i’m back home after he’s gone.

take care,

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