lunch was good. a salad mix with shredded cheese and tomato with ranch with bacon dressing. what’s not to like? i’m full but, not uncomfortably so. i’ll be fine for yogurt for dinner. i thought i wasn’t uncomfortable. sitting here, i wasn’t too full. but, going down the steps and outside, i realized i was. won’t be eating dinner.

early friday morning,
got home a little after 4pm. got everything ready for today. meds, water bottles, lunch, showered. found some pjs, made sure Daisy had fresh food and water. took her out a couple times, laid on the bed. started watching the titans and packers and promptly fell asleep! a bit restless but, i feel pretty good this morning.

it thundered and rained yesterday after we got home. thundered quite a bit. Daisy kinda ignored it. she just snuggled deeper under her blanket. not sure how much rain we got but, it was enough. my walkway is wood. for some reason, it’s so very slick when it’s wet. told louise about it yesterday. when i went to my car to come home, she had put a large roof shingle out for me to put on the walkway. i put it down and it’s a wonderful thing. i can walk on it and not feel like i’m gonna slip and go down. i need about 4 more of those shingles.

gonna be spending the weekend at louise’s with Baxter. while there, i’ll color my hair and get it straightened.

there was a wonderful storm late yesterday afternoon. lots of thunder and rain. i love a good thunderstorm. i also love the way the thunder rolls around in the mountains. no idea where it orginated. it’s just there and the sound goes on and on. the air is so fresh and clean smelling after the storm.

company coming next weekend. gotta figure out what to eat. maybe spaghetti? we’re having soup and sandwiches at aunt dot’s saturday evening. so, i have breakfast, lunch and dinner sunday. they will leave around midnight sunday/monday. get home around noon on monday and rest up for work on tuesday. that’s a lot of driving for joe in a short time period. it’s 12 hours each way. poor joe is gonna have to drink american coffee, he’s used to drinking cuban coffee. poor joe. so sad. i can’t drink very strong coffee.

i need to go and get my lunch ready for today. salad, with tomato, shredded cheese, and sliced boiled eggs. today a different dressing. regular ranch.

take care,

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August 10, 2018

I love the sound of a good thunderstorm. It’s therapeutic to the soul.

August 10, 2018

Not a big fan of thunderstorms because they usually result in power failures both at the city house and the lake house.  The electricity supply is really dicey.  I think its because there are so many big trees at both places.  Power failures are quite annoying.  The last one at the city house was a real doozie!  The power surge fried my big LG monitor and its costing me over $400 to get it fixed.