good afternoon!
i think i am about to get an episode of gout. i had it a little over 3 years ago so, i know what it feels like. my left big toe is hurting. i still have a full rx of the meds the urgent care doctor gave me but, it’s nearly 3 years old. not sure if it’s any good now or not. i do know if my left big toe continues to hurt into tomorrow, i will be going to urgent care after 12 noon so i can get it looked it and get some meds to make it go away. i had a feeling i shouldn’t have eaten 3 big burgers 3 nights in a row but, i was testing my air fryer. red meat, shell fish, rich foods, and alcohol can make it happen. i knew there was a reason i went to mostly fish and chicken 3 years ago. now, i remember. wonder if i can wait til tomorrow afternoon.

i’m home and doing what little cleaning there is to do so when the weekend comes, i have very little to do except enjoy being home with Daisy. i’ll probably read and watch the weather channel on mute while i listen to music. i need to write some letters. hoping i have some time to take care of that today or tonight. i’ve been so bad about writing lately. letters i mean, not here.

sitting here trying to decide what if anything i want to eat. i don’t want to cook. don’t have anything that’s quick and easy. maybe i should boil some eggs and have an egg sandwich. maybe some soup. don’t have lunch meat and cheese. chicken is frozen. maybe i’ll take out a chicken breast, get it cut into finger size, bread it and air fry it later. that is a thought.

couldn’t find any plain chicken so, i took out a seasoned thigh and leg to thaw out a bit before i put it in the air fryer. hope it works out. this air fryer is so new to me and i really have no idea how to use it. i joined 3 air fryer groups on facebook but, i don’t seem to be able to glean any good information from them. they seem so rigid in their answers to people who ask that i’m more than a bit scared to ask a question. people sure are something these days. i feel safer just reading and not asking anything.

i have decided that once i get back on 40 hours again, i’m opening up another checking account where i will do my best to put one full week’s paycheck each month in and save it for if/when this reduction in hours happens again. i do not want to be caught off guard like this again. i’d like to have enuf for 6 months rent and electric bill in that account. i’ll also put as much extra as i can in it.

took a shower to cool off a bit. a quick rinse off shower is good for that. i’ll get another one later when i’m ready for pjs.

early friday morning,
1. walgreens
2. eddie’s drugstore
3. bank

can’t think of any other place or thing i have to go or do before i come home this afternoon. i know once i get home i’m staying home all weekend. i do enjoy my home. it’s comfortable and i’ve got every little thing i need, just have a few wants but, they’ll come over time and once i get back to 40 hours a week. sure am hoping that happens quickly. if it doesn’t, christmas gifts will be non-existent this year. i should have started buying gifts right after christmas so, i’d have them all bought by now. that’s what i’m gonna do next year.

i’m beginning to like my air fryer. last night i cooked a raw 3/4 frozen chicken thigh and leg in it. i cooked it low and longer cause it was mostly frozen but, omygosh! it was so juicy and tender. i just wish burger would cook like that. might have to get myself a small grill so i can cook them on it. they were usually juicy when i did them that way in NH. i like cooking with no oil or butter. i believe i’ve read that if you can cook it in a frying pan or in the oven you can cook it in an air fryer. i’m gonna get some fresh green beans and season them up, maybe add just a touch of oil so the seasonings will stay on them but, i could use water for that couldn’t i? i’ll have to try it. if i want, i can roasst other veggies in it. broccoli, cauliflower, carrots. that way i don’t have to turn on the oven. i’ve seen people make biscuits, cakes, brownies, but, i’m thinking they have bigger air fryers and special pans to cook those things in. i’ll have to look deeper into it.

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September 14, 2018

My credit union allows me to have three or four savings accounts attached to my checking account, so I can easily transfer money around. I have savings accounts specifically set up for the reasons that you have cited here. The money goes into those accounts for a specific purpose, and I do not use them for anything else.   That would be easier than opening a separate checking account, if your bank allows it.

September 14, 2018

Hope  you get back to 40 hrs soon.  Is there anywhere you could get a part-time job to help with expenses until you do?