well, i tried to get an x-ray of my neck today but, when i got to the medical center and stood in line to wait to get checked in, i was told my doctor hadn’t sent over the orders for it! and the thing is he said he had already sent it when i asked him if i needed anything to get it done. i don’t like being lied to. so, since i have to go to the medical center thursday morning for a consultation for p/t, i’ll just go on back over and get the xray. the lady there said monday and tuesday are really busy days and thursday would be much better.

just got out of the shower and i’m cold. in my robe to dry off and get warm before i jump into my pjs. i would love to have a ceiling heater in the bathroom so i could dry off and be warm while doing it. i had one of those in an apartment in colorado before raymond and i got married. i loved it! it really was a great thing to have. never had one before and not had one since but, i’ll always remember the bathroom ceiling heater!

i had to stop here and go to the bedroom to cover Daisy with her blanket. she started to whine at me like she does in the middle of the night to wake me up to cover her up after she’s used her pads. she can get under the blanket herself but, when she wakes me up, i love on her a bit and then i cover her up and pat her a bit so she knows all is okay. she really does sound so pitiful when she’s whining to be covered up. love her, though. so much that sometimes it brings tears to my eyes.

well, since i’ll be in nashville for 8 days, i’m taking my work laptop with me to keep up on the expired listings and i think pat may have a tedious project for me. he said it will be a long drawn out process but, will save him so much time. okay, i can do that. i don’t mind doing things like that. he can show me how to do it and i’ll write down every little step so i don’t mess it up and then, i can do it while ann is gone to work. it’ll give me something to do and i won’t miss any hours.

i just watched the local weather and it kinda looks like there will be snow all around me. i’m just not certain it will be here. if it’s two inches like they say might happen, okay, i can deal with that. still, i may go in a bit late tomorrow and just wait til after the traffic has died down some before i hit the roads. they said 1 to 2 inches in the mountains at higher elevations. i’ll just have to wait to see what snow there is or isn’t when i get up in the morning.

i think i’ll head on off to bed now and pick this up in the morning.

take care,

4:28am wednesday
so far, no snow here. probably in the mountains. i looked out a bit ago and nothing. they say the alert is until 1pm today. so, there’s a chance of snow. think i’m gonna have to dress warm today. Daisy, too. i don’t want my baby girl to be cold. just watched the local, knoxville, weather. snow to the north and snow to the east and snow to the west. kinda looks like sevierville and pigeon forge area is in a protected houseshoe spot. looks like it probably won’t be around here. it will be in the mountains but, not here. i can live with that. and i now just got an email weather alert. light dusting to maybe a couple tenths of an inch. i can live with that, too. wanna know something? i don’t think they know what they are talking about!!!

so good to come home yesterday and my trash was gone. today, i’ll be doing my laundry. so, soon as i get home i want it put away. wish i could wiggle my nose and it be put away. but, that isn’t gonna happen so, it appears i’m gonna have to it myself. if i fold it and hang it as i take it out of the dryer perhaps, it will make putting it away less tedious? i can certainly hope.

once i get the laundry put away, i don’t have to do anything else. i can shower, pjs, and either read or color. probably both! i’ll feed Daisy and make sure she’s warm and comfy.

you will never guess what i did yesterday morning. lately i’ve been seeing these tiny dark balls of something on my desk. my first thought was a mouse but, then, i decided that whatever they were they were too small for mouse droppings. i’ve seen those, i know what they look like. well, i was cleaning up around my fern and giving it water around 3:30am, when i came face to face with a 2 1/2 inch green caterpillar!!! so, then, i knew what the dark balls were… caterpillar poop. grabbed some toilet paper, broke off that frond the caterpillar was on, wrapped it up, and flushed it. got up this morning and no small dark colored balls! hoping that was the only one but, if not, i’ll find the next caterpillar and flush it, too!

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