good morning,
got up at 4:25, just got the lights turned on and the coffee started when i heard the tinkle of 3 little tags on a small dog at my feet. had to turn around slowly cause i don’t want to step on her or trip myself. she was sitting there looking so cute and adorable. i fell in love all over again. of course she wanted to go outside to pee right then and there. got her harness and hooked up her leash, turned on the back light and opened the door. there on the walkway was this HUGE housecat! it was orange and white. at first, it just looked at me and then wandered on down the walkway. i got the flashlight and opened the screen door. it was only about 5 feet away. Daisy saw it and went toward it but, not in an aggressive way but, she didn’t act like she wanted to sniff it’s butt either. i had to put Daisy behind me so i could shoo the cat away. it didn’t look to be aggressive either but, i didn’t want to risk Daisy getting hurt. made it go away before i let Daisy do her thing. it must have a home as big as it is and as how unafraid it was of me and Daisy. still…..

makeup and hair done. coffee beside me. i’m gonna sit here for a couple minutes and check my email and then, i’ll decide what i want to wear and get my bag of goodies ready to go with me.

louise just left. she has only 2 cabins to inspect today. i’m doing my laundry. she looks good today. blue and white print tunic over black leggings and black heels. red hair down and bright red lipstick. she carries it off quite well, no way i could do that. i’ll go with jeans and tennis shoes. no heels for me or leggings. or red lipstick.

forgot to bring pat the books on the smokies and tennessee i got for him at the library yesterday. they are sitting on my coffee table.

a little after 2pm
will be heading home soon. just about finished up here. gotta fold some letters so it will be easier for me to put the brochure inside it and then slip it into an envelope.

laundry is washed, dried, folded and back in the car. i’ll get it put away when i get home.

gonna see if i can get my inside plants in pots this afternoon. then, i’m gonna put the trash in my car so i can get it to the dump tomorrow. i’m so tired of boxes sitting in my kitchen taking up space on the floor. i’m tired of boxes period!! they are a pain in my rear. don’t want to see any more boxes for a very long time.

think i’ll wash my hair first thing so it has a chance to dry and i’m able to use the flat iron on it tonight. don’t have enough time in the mornings to do it. it takes an hour or more to do it. a slow long drawn-out process to straighten my hair.

almost 6:30 
didn’t get my hair washed. got tied up with a couple phone calls and then, i noticed my plants needed to be watered. made sure Daisy had fresh food and fresh cold water. ate a salad. cleaned up the kitchen. took a shower. think i’m gonna read for a while now.

take care,

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