wednesday january 9

good morning,
today is my first p/t in over 2 weeks. not sure how i feel about that. sometimes, p/t makes me hurt more than when i went in. i’ve been doing exercises but, not all of them but, all of them at least once a day. i’ve found the few that actually make my neck feel better when it starts to get to tingling and before it hurts. i do these a number of times during the day.

looks like NH is getting some bad weather? there are times i just don’t understand the weather people on the two national weather channels. they talk way above me and i dont’ know what to think nor can i figure out what’s gonna happen where. confusing to me.

i just don’t get the democrats in congress. when barry was president, both chuck and nancy voted FOR a wall to be built at the southern border, but, as soon as Donald Trump became our president, they think it’s immoral. immoral? what’s immoral is the killing of American citizens by illegal aliens. what’s immoral is the sex trafficking of women and children. what’s immoral is the way the illegal aliens take jobs away from the poorest of the african american population by working for even less. what’s immoral is the illegal aliens getting all sorts of benefits, free health care, college educations, free housing, food stamps, phones and even cars, and American citiizens, veterans, and other low-income people are not. what’s immoral is sanctuary cities, sanctuary states, the war on ICE agents. THAT’S immoral, NOT the fence/barrier/wall that President Trump wants to PROTECT the American people. we need to start putting Americans first, NOT the rest of the world.

and don’t get me started on this made up thing called ‘toxic masculinity’. of course, there are men who take it to the extreme, but, DON’T lump all men in that label. my husband was very masculine but, he wouldn’t have hurt a fly. he would catch them and let them go outside. most men are NOT toxic. women do you want your man to be feminine? do you want him to mince around and act all girly? i don’t. in fact, when i wanted a man, i looked for one that i felt could protect me if necessary and give the love and support i wanted. it just seems to me that the proverbial ‘they’ want to blur the difference between men and women. it seems ‘they’ want us to become androgynous. i like seeing a strong rugged male doing his thing. whether it be hunting, fixing a car, cutting down trees, cooking a romantic meal or changing a baby’s diaper, opening the door for me or getting me a glass of water. a masculine man can be short, tall, thin, overweight, bulging muscles or not. masculinity is a state of mind not a body type or shape.

and before you get all out of shape and get rude in your notes. know that i will block you if you’re rude and i will copy and paste your note so all can see how rude you are. i’m too old to deal with rude. and i’m not going to. i have my opinions and you have yours. if you have to be rude just keep on going right on out of here and don’t come back. don’t need ya nor do i want ya in my journal. we can disagree but, we will do it nicely. and no you can’t call me a bitch or racist with a smile on your face and consider that nicely!!

okay, on to other things.

alexa said it’s 45 degrees now and will be 45 degrees for a high today. well, that sure says something. we also have a high wind watch/warning, i’m not sure which. that’s okay, i’m not going to be up in the mountains where it’s gonna be really windy.

today after i do the expired listings, pat wants me to work on a blog for his website. i asked him yesterday as i was leaving if he had any thoughts on what it should be about, he lit up like a christmas tree and said, ‘dave and busters’. what in the world is a dave and busters? never heard of it. he said it’s all over the country and there’s one coming to pigeon forge. when i got home i looked all over the internet to find out what a dave and busters is. turns out it’s a place for adults to play in an arcade. it’s designed for adults. they have food and sell beer and wine. children can go in but, they have to be accompanied by an adult over 25. they have bowling, arcade games, i’ve seen it referenced as a chuck e cheese for adults! i guess it wouldn’t hurt to go see it once. they have a tentative opening date of may 13, 2019. now, i have to go gather up all the information i can find on it and write an interesting blog post. i’ll do it for louise as well but, with her’s i’ll put photos.

sweat pants today cause i’m going to p/t. hard to deal with the exercises when i’m in jeans. it’ll be okay, i really don’t care if i’m seen looking less than perfect. i have no one to impress nor do i want to impress anyone. my age is all about comfort. and sweatpants for p/t is comfortable.

looking forward to friday afternoon when we get home. i won’t have to go anywhere til monday morning. Daisy and i will just hang out at home. we’ll snuggle, play, maybe we’ll take a walk, depends on the weather. i don’t want to go too far to go for a walk. i’m thinking maybe the school on pittman center and across from the dollar general. maybe we’ll visit the dollar general this weekend. those two places are only about 5 minutes from here.

must remember to get my dark clothes and bring them home today!!!!!!!! and put them away when i get them home!

i also want to clean out my car this weekend. right now, it’s looking like a junkyard or a pig pen. i need to clean it out. i’m tired of looking at it. it’s really a mess. might have to use pat’s shop vac to clean the floorboards. i can wipe it down inside with a wet cloth to get all the dust and dirt off everything. i’ll feel more like i can breathe and not suffocate when i’m in it. yep, if it’s not raining this weekend, a cleaning of my car is on my agenda.

just checked the weather and it looks like rain/showers saturday, sunday and monday so, no walks for us and no going for walks at the elementary school, or taking boogertown road to glades road to the arts and crafts community this weekend but, we may still go to the dollar general.

got the blog written and it’s on louise’s website, i need a bit more info for pat’s website. added 5 photos to louise’s website. pat will add his if he wants them. it took about 2 hours to get it written up and sent to my gmail account. i got it all set up for louise. i find it fun to write these blog posts for them. i’ve heard you can make a living writing blog posts. wonder how that’s done? might look into it one of these days. but, not tonight.

i’m tired and i just want to go to bed. i need to rest some more. i get so tired by this time of night. still coughing but, it is better.

take care,

early thursday morning,
hi, i’m sitting here typing with my eyes closed cause the lamp light is too bright for just getting up. coffee and slowly turning on light will make it easier soon.

two extremely different stories coming out of the white house about that meeting yesterday. i’m sure the truth is in there somewhere.

got my lunch for today ready last night. turkey and cornbread dressing. that’s what i had for dinner last night. i had been craving some sort of dressing/stuffing and last night i fixed a box of it. stovetop. to me that’s the best. i’ve never had any that’s really good when it’s made from scratch. stovetop is the way to go!

cooking up some sausage to be mixed with cream cheese and put into mini baby bell peppers. these will be frozen til i cook them for my private superbowl party. i’m also gonna have cream cheese with hot pepper jelly on crackers for my party. i’ll have to get Dasiy something she can have to celebrate with cause i don’t think either of these would be good for her.

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2 weeks ago

I’m glad that the p/t makes you feel so much better. It’s easy to accomplish more and feel happy when you’re not in pain.

2 weeks ago

I know what you mean about your car.  Our Highlander is a pit.  We keep meaning to take it to Jackson’s, they  do a wonderful job on the car, but every day   so far has been busy.