wednesday morning early


i’m a bit sleepy. just haven’t had enuf coffee yet. i’ll finish up this cup and i’m sure my mind will be wide awake. oh, i haven’t mentioned for a while about how the cbd paste with the maximum allowable thc in it is working for me. first thing, it tastes awful. i put a small amount, about the size of a half grain of rice, under my tongue morning and night. has to sit there for 90 seconds or more and then, i can swallow what’s left. usually, it’s only that taste. it helps with the aches and pains i have all the time. i feel like i am sleeping better, i rarely have any sort of anxiety anymore, and i have cut the amount of ibuprofen i would take on a daily basis down to just morning and night and no time in-between. i don’t hurt as much, not near as much. still hurt some but, it’s much much less. i have had to watch how often i have said to myself that i hurt, cause i don’t hurt so much anymore. saying it was such a habit that i’ve got to work on breaking it! it doesn’t take all the pain away, might if i used more than i should but, i don’t. doesn’t make me high at all. there’s really such a small amount of thc in the paste. looked at a map of the US in the aarp magazine. in the south, not a lot of states allow even medical use, let alone recreational use. TN allows cbd with the allowable amount of thc. wonder if i’ll still be around when the south allows recreational use? probably not!!

7:11 am
early saturday morning,
i know i haven’t written much in the past few days but, i haven’t wanted to. don’t think i’ve even sat down at this laptop.

Blake will be here tomorrow. not sure of the time but, when he gets here will be fine. there are a few places he wants to go… a moonshine tasting, the old mill distillery for some bottles of moonshine i’m buying for gifts for kurt and cameron. Blake said he’d drive them back with him so i didn’t have to ship anything. i will have angela, kurt, and cameron’s christmas all bought and paid for when Blake gets the moonshine to NH. i’m gonna go get some wrapping paper and get them all ready for christmas. oh, he also wants to go into the indoor mall at 611 Parkway, Gatlinburg. there’s a place he was told to go when he got here, it’s called, tennessee cider company. hard cider? i saw a growler i wanted of watermelon cider. sounds good to me!

my christmas cactus, the spring cactus, the thanksgiving cactus. were all doing poorly where i had them. so, i cut off the good pieces and now they are all in jars of water to grow roots and i’ll plant them come spring in better soil and in a better place to grow and bloom for me. i added a tiny bit of fertilizer to the water after i washed the pieces to clean the dust and whatever off of them. they are in my window in my bedroom. over the next few days, after Blake leaves, i’m gonna start getting cuttings from my plants outside. some i KNOW will grow roots and be ready for potting soil come spring. others? i’m just not sure but, i will give it a try and see how it goes over the winter. can’t hurt to try, now can it? i never thought so. i had to repot an african violet the other day. somehow, all the dirt went away around where the plant and the roots meet. i had to fix that before the roots completely fell off and it died. i fertilized all the plants in my kitchen window. just to give them a small boost before their growth slowed down for the winter. i don’t fertilize much at all during the winter. plants need to rest, too. gonna fill up the ledge in the living room window will cuttings that i hope will grow and produce a lot of good roots. i will need to change the water weekly so that it doesn’t get to stinking like it can if the water doesn’t stay clean. if i have to, i’ll clean the jar they are in as well.

i made a loaded potato soup yesterday. potatoes, chicken broth, chicken bullion, whole mushrooms, shredded carrots(should have used less than i did) half a pound of bacon cut into small pieces, some water, little more than a pint of half and half, minced garlic, garlic powder, pink himalayan salt. put it all in a crockpot and let it cook for about 6 hours. i first parboiled the potatoes (with garlic powder in the water) cause they cook so slow in the crockpot drained them and into the crockpot, they went.

9:49 am
i’m just about ready to leave. i have a few places to go and a couple of things to do and then, i should be home for the rest of the day. will finish this later.

2:09 pm
Daisy and i got back a bit ago. i put everything away and am just resting a bit now. loved going to hobby lobby. there are so many things there to buy for christmas decorations. i spent $51 and i’m glad everything but, the scotch tape was 50% off! but, i’m all ready to wrap and tape and put name tags on the gifts. Blake will be taking back a lot of stuff with him to NH so i don’t have to ship it. that will save me some money! i will be wrapping during my downtime when Blake is here. if i wrap a bit each evening once we get home, he’ll be able to take things back with him all wrapped and ready to be opened. i have 2 gifts that i am waiting on to arrive. one is a large drinking glass with a bullet in it. it looks like the glass was shot and it didn’t break the glass. i liked it and i’m sure kurt will, too. for cameron i got a teeshirt that says, ‘i flexed and the sleeves fell off.’ i think he will like that and he’s getting 2 bottles of moonshine. i just wonder what flavors he’d like. okay, i called angela and she said the pineapple and the lemon. kurt gets a french toast flavor and an 1830 original flavor. will get them wrapped up and Blake can take them with him. when he heads back north.

at hobby lobby, i found and bought 4 of the cutest little nutcrackers you ever did see. 50% off!! i got a lot of ribbon, red, white and green, 2 BIG rolls of wrapping paper, tape, name tags, and 3 of the cutest red curly ribbons you ever did see. i have everything i need to be ready to start wrapping. once i get my christmas money in my checking account, i will start buying christmas. it’s all gonna be wrapped and ready to ship if it has to be shipped by the first of december. i am not gonna stress about christmas this year. it’s gonna be done and life will be good. december will be good. and not a cent will go on a credit card. it will all be paid for as i buy it.

i bought Daisy and i some chicken nuggets at burger king. i love those things but, i don’t buy them very often. i think the last time i bought some was sometime in early spring this year. she loves them too. i give her small pieces so she doesn’t choke on them. she likes to eat what i eat. doesn’t always get it though cause i happen to like onion powder and garlic in a lot of what i cook.

i got the university of tennessee teeshirt that the FL boy in 4th grade made for himself and got bullied and teased about. UT made a shirt like the drawing he did and sold the tees with the money going to some organization that is against bullying. the first batch of tees was only for 72 but, when they offered them up for sale they got 109k preorders! it took mine between 5 and 6 weeks to get here. i got it today and i will wear it as i watch the UT game at 4 pm this afternoon. it’s big, i got an xlarge so i can wear it as a nightgown or over warm clothing if i’m gonna be out and about. i just am so impressed with whoever thought to do this for that boy.

there’re too many ins and outs going on in the swamp that i can’t keep up or even barely understand what’s going on. i know that some of the fbi manipulated the 302 or is it 301s that they have to fill out within 5 days of the interview in order to make general flynn look guilty. they set a trap for him. they interviewed him and told him it wasn’t an official fbi interview and it really was. so, he didn’t have an attorney to advise him. and now they are looking into the obama administration to see who knew what and when did they know it. you can’t tell me the former white house occupant had no idea of what his fbi and doj was doing in regards to helping hilary and all they could to beat President Trump. i don’t believe it.

take care,

3:40 am sunday
i’ve been up since before 3. laid in bed for a while trying to go back to sleep. then, i started watching ‘in search of’. they are trying to figure out what happened to the settlement of roanoke, va 400 years ago. then, i got up after watching only a few minutes of it. wandered around the house for a bit and decided it’s entirely too early to start cleaning anything. i’m sure the person below me is still sleeping. i have to know just cause i sleep poorly, doesn’t mean everyone else does, too. even little miss Daisy is staying in bed.

i just stepped outside to see if it’s cold or what. turns out, it’s warm out there, windy but, warm. just didn’t occur to me that it would be as warm as it is. i knew it was supposed to be windy overnight. but, i had no idea i’d get another quarter of an inch of rain. we are now over an inch. i’m happy for my plants that they are getting rain instead of chlorinated water!! later this morning, i’m gonna go out and move the crates on the porch and sweep out from under them and make it look neat and tidy cause right now, it’s a MESS!! and i don’t like looking at it.

oh, the cleaning one room a day didn’t seem to work this time. it has before and it will again. since i’m not gonna be here much this week til probably thursday, i’ll get started on the 4th of november. i’ll clean some today but, i will make certain all is cleaned up by the end of november 3rd. by then, i will have a schedule to follow. i need what i have to do written down so i can check it off and feel good about that.

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