well, i did it!

been saying i’m gonna do it but, never got around to it. this morning i wrote a check to Donald J Trump for President, Inc. it’ll go out in the mail today. and i’m glad i did. wasn’t much, but, it was all i can afford. still, i’ve heard him say at his rallies that most of the reelection money comes from small donors. and i’m certainly a small donor! made me feel good to donate to a cause i believe in. it’s gonna make me feel even better when i see that the check has been cashed with the money being used to help reelect President Trump.

talked with Blake several times on his trip to savannah. we talked when he was going over the bridge from NY to NJ. we talked after his 3-hour nap at a mcdonald’s parking lot in maryland, we talked while he was driving in VA, he put me on hold while he got gas and went to the bathroom, we talked when he went from NC into SC. we talked when he was 75 miles from savannah. no idea how long he’s staying there, no idea how long he’s staying in SC. all i do know is that he has to be back in NH so he can go to work on november 1st.

it’s raining!! glorious blessed rain! i hope it’s enuf to make the drought go away. such a dry september and beginning to october. more than half the month of october dry, and all off september dry. rain is needed. gonna be a slow ride to louise’s this morning. after the rain passes, it should be a nice sunny day. but, it’s not gonna get much warmer than 67 or so. so, i don’t have to give up my shorts just yet. i’ll wear flipflops and shorts as long as i can.

4:17 pm
here i got a little over a 1/2 inch of rain. that’s a whole inch of water from the sky in about 3 days. that’s good. the rain is much needed. i wish it could have rained a bit more but, i guess if we keep getting 1/2 inch of rain every couple of days, that would be okay, too.

louise is painting the inside of her house. was a sand color and tuscan red. now, it’s gonna dark gray accent walls and the rest will be light gray. i think it’s gonna be beautiful and i’m gonna love it. have always loved shades of gray. it’s a mess. ben is there with covers on the floor, a ladder that’s always in my way, and i saw him sweeping dust from a high ledge over the front door to the floor so, i was sneezing all day. it’s gonna be so pretty when it’s all done but, it’s gonna take time to get it done. she wants every room in the house painted before thanksgiving and ben is the only one doing the painting. must put on my patience persona every day now before i walk into the house til the painting is done.

early wednesday morning,
it’s a bit chilly in here this morning. below 70 is chilly. to Daisy it’s downright cold. we went outside around 3 am. she peed and wanted to sniff a bit. not sure what she’s searching for but, it’s just about her favorite thing to do. i don’t mind wating and watching her sniff during daylight hours but, there are small wild critters out there. don’t think she’d come upon one unexpectedly cause she’d smell it and go for it the instant her nose found it. but, i don’t like being outside when it’s dark and chilly. still, when she has to go, i take her out, no matter the time. i’m just grateful she waits to want to go out til after i get up. she does use pads during the night but, once i’m up all bets are off the table!

i’m thinking i’ll be seeing Blake probably by friday afternoon. at least, i’m hoping so. i need to get my new lens for my glasses today, hope these are better and will work for me. while they are grinding the glasses to fit my frames, i’m gonna run to the grocery store and get a couple things we need. dog food and hair color. gonna make the gray go away today after i get home. i have a few dishes to wash and i’d like to swiffer the kitchen floor. neither should take longer than 5 minutes. probably even less.

okay, y’all have a good day. mine’s gonna be busy.

take care,

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