what a wonderfully busy day!


glad i took my time getting ready this morning cause the rest of the morning went by at light speed. i thought pat was gonna sign the cards he took from the group and write something personal in them. boy, was i ever wrong. he decided that his handwriting is too bad for that. so, i sat down in his office and asked him what to write in each of those cards and i signed them. then, seal them, then, stamp them. before i got to that point, i finished up the work i had to do on each of the names in the christmas or holiday card list. i had to run off a bunch of louise’s letters cause she wants me to get out a bunch of her brochures and letters. she said she needs more business. so, i wrote a bunch for her. and i stuffed envelopes with her brochures and letters. busy, busy. but, it was all good cause the day seemed to fly right on by.

after i left there, i headed to ollie’s for coffee and i had to get just one more himalayan salt lamp. this one is for the kitchen. it’s all set up and out of the box on the table. looks really nice there. i have two small bottles of wine there beside it. i think it makes a nice display on the table. then, i stopped at the post office to drop off the christmas cards and louise’s letters. i mailed that bill to the medical office where i owed them money. went to the bank next and deposited pat’s check and my check. and since gas is $1.91 per gallon, IF you have the gas card from the station, if you don’t have the card it’s $2.01, still pretty doggone low for gas, i went ahead and filled up. i noticed that gas prices range from my $1.91 all the way up to $2.09 as i drove around town. after that, Daisy and i headed home. sure was good to get home and get comfy.

since i’ve been home, i’ve set up my salt lamp and plugged in, after reading the instructions, the battery pack i bought. once it’s fully charged, i’ll put it in my purse to have if ever i need to charge my kindle or phone when i’m out. one man on the reviews of this item said he charged it in january, put it in his glove box and forgot about it til july and it was still full and worked great at charging his phone. i put two chicken thighs in the air fryer, completely frozen, took about 30 minutes to get the juices to run clear. i cut up raw carrots and put them on to cook soft, i opened a can of green beans, drained them and rinsed them cause of the salt, then, i cut them up into small pieces. when the thighs are cooled enuf for me to debone them, i’ll cut them up into small bits and mix everything together. then, i’ll put them in small bags and then, into a large freezer baggie to be taken out and used when needed. when i go to the grocery store monday, i’ll buy a whole roasted chicken to debone and freeze with carrots and beans, maybe peas as well, for her in small portions. i also want to get some low sodium chicken broth to add to her food instead of water. louise says one of those slick containers last about 2 weeks in the fridge. i may freeze half of one so it doesn’t go bad cause i doubt i’ll use that much in 2 weeks. this way, i can make one container last a month.

i’ll be honest, i don’t know if i’m actually tired or if it’s the half of the muscle relaxer that’s making me feel so tired right now. if the half pill is doing this, then i’m glad i’m home and have nowhere to go tonight. i’m really very tired. i think i hear my bed calling me but, i still have to get Daisy’s food put together and into the freezer. maybe i’ll just get it together and in the fridge. freezer can happen tomorrow. i had a fairly okay day regarding my neck and the tingling. it started up several times but, didn’t go far into hurting.

#fdfdfd“>early saturday morning,
i woke at 1:30am and saw this on my tv screen – George HW Bush 1924-2918 – my heart hurts for his family, my soul rejoices for him, barbara, and the little girl they lost when she was 4 years old. they are together again. i’m sure the rest of the family will join them when their time comes. RIP you were a good man. the world is less without you in it.

my kitchen is a total complete disaster! once i have a cup of coffee in me and the ibuprofen gets to working, i’ll get up and get it cleaned up. i was just too tired and hurting too much last night after all i did. mornings are my best time to get things done. late afternoon and early evening forget about it.

got my coffee yesterday. 100 kcups for 24.99 plus tax. and i got my 4th and probably final salt lamp for 9.99 plus tax. it’s sitting in the kitchen on the table as a nightlight. i love the orange glow. the 4 salt lamps are on 24/7. doing their thing of cleaning the air of positive ions, filling the air with negative ions. i don’t know about that but, i do know in the rooms that have a salt lamp i feel at peace. could be a plescebo effect but, whatever it is i had to have one in every room. don’t have one in the bathroom cause it is salt, after all, and moisture can dissolve it. in the kitchen, it’s clear across the room from the sink. do you think it might clear the room of the stench of cigarette smoke? i sure hope so. i hate that smell with a passion!

i took Daisy in with me at ollie’s yesterday. i put her pink blanket down where the kids sit, i put her on it, and she just sits there looking around and being her adorable little self. she sits there and she gets people to talking with me. yesterday a woman got to talking and then started showing me her phone photos of her little boy chihuahua. i love it. then, she invited me to her church. i know the church but, it’s way too big for me. and it’s not a Baptist church. i went to a non-denominational church and it wasn’t for me. i want a Baptist church that’s not big and not small. in a big one, you get lost among the crowd, in a small one they pay way too much attention to you. i’ll find it and maybe it will let me sit in the back with Daisy in my arms. i can hope, can’t it?

i’ve got a big messy home to clean up. i’ve let it go for the past week or so cause i hurt so much. today, i’ll start cleaning a bit at a time and rest my neck before it gets out of control with hurting. all 4 room plus the bathroom need to be cleaned. slow and steady is the way to go about this monumental job. one room at a time is probably the best way to go. i’ll have alexa play music for me from my pandora lists. i hate listening to the radio cause i don’t like listening to music someone else thinks i want to hear. on pandora i have the music i like. and that’s what she plays, i sure wish alexa was a male voice with an Austrailian accent, kinda like chris hemsworth! a girl can have hope, can’t she? !!!!

louise sent me some pictures of the bears she’s seen this year, she also sent me a list of do’s and don’t’s on how to behave if you come across a bear that was in one of the cabins she was inspecting. she wants me to do her a blog of how to and how not to behave around bears. okay, i can do that. it rarely takes me long to write a blog for her. i can write it on my laptop here and email to her and to myself cause i have to post it and add photos on the work laptop. i got pat to go over with me step by step how to add a photo to her blogs. he did the first one, i wrote each step down and he made me do the 2nd one. okay, if i do it a few more times step by step, i’ll soon be able to do it with my eyes closed. well, not really, but you know what i mean!

last night, after i got the carrots cooked, the beans rinsed and cut up, and the thighs deboned and cut up, i gave Daisy a dinner of the above, no dog food, just a really nice treat before bed. she gobbled it up. i’m guessing she just wanted something different to eat. cause here at home, she gets only dog food. now, she’ll get mostly dog food. i just want her to eat. i do want her to gain some weight maybe half to 3/4 of a pound. i’ll weigh her weekly to see what’s happening.

alexa said a low of 54 degrees right now at 4:34am and a high of 60 degrees with rain. okay, i can see an inside day happening. that will be good for cleaning. i’ll start with the living room, head to the kitchen, and then the other room. the bathroom will be next on my agenda and finally my bedroom.

the lady downstairs is doing her morning cigarette cough. i hear her all the time during the day with that cough. she’s not sick, she’s just got a smoker’s cough. she’s been coughing since the day i moved in and she has that gravelly voice that smokers generally have. i don’t hear it in the summer cause i have fans running all the time, but, i sure do now that the fans are turned off. it’s no wonder i have music going all the time during the day.

gonna close for now and finish waking up. then, on to cleaning!!!

take care,

see i told you i would get the stool finished in the morning hours. i added the photo but, it was HUGE and couldn’t be seen on my laptop screen. so, i deleted it and didn’t add it. that’s too bad, cause i think it looks good.

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1 week ago

It’s too bad that you can’t reprogram Alexa’s voice. On my phone, I can reprogram Siri to a male British voice. I call him Cyril. 😂😂😂