windy monday morning

i think the wind is ahead of a cold front from the northwest. 60 degrees right now but, dropping to the 40s during the day. how to dress? this time of year gotta be prepared for most anything. so, jackets and real shoes. Daisy wears a sweater but, i make sure to have a jacket for her.


i’m taking my laundry with me today just in case louise goes to work. if she goes out, i’ll be able to do my laundry and get it done and out of her way. if she stays home, i’ll do it tomorrow. she may not leave today. steven will be leaving sometime this morning and i don’t think she’ll want to be gone when he does leave. she’ll probably stay home and clean and do her laundry. i know she hasn’t had a chance to do it for over a week. maybe i’ll just wait til tomorrow and not even worry about today.

broncos won yesterday, beat the steelers! that made me very happy!! a couple weeks ago, i believe the broncos beat the patriots! that made me even happier! still, the broncos are only 5-5. not so good but, when it comes down to it, they beat two very good teams. don’t know if they’ll make the playoffs but, in my heart, i’ll know they beat the patriots and steelers. good season no matter how it ends.

soon as it becomes 8:01am, i am calling my doctor’s office. maybe i’ll get lucky and will be able to get in this afternoon. maybe. i can hope.

early tuesday morning, 
i have an appointment thursday afternoon at 2:40. i’ll call each morning and at 1pm to see if there’s been any cancellations. guess we’ll see what’s going on then. maybe it’ll just be an angry nerve and there’s something he can give me to take that will settle it down. i can hope.

got my table and stools. 55#! i let it slide slowly onto the driveway out of the way back of my jeep. i had the ups guy put it back there for me. once it was on the ground, i ‘walked’ it to the back door and up the small step. laid the box down and took out all the parts to make sure they were all there. they are, in fact, i have an extra screw but, that’s okay, i’ll just put it in the toolbox that i keep under my bed.

all i needed to put it together was an allen wrench that came with the screws and such and a phillips screwdriver which i had. i got the table together and one stool. by then, my neck was hurting so bad that i couldn’t do the other stool. all i could do was get into my pjs and lay down on the bed and rest. it took over 2 hours for it to stop hurting. i’m thinking i really made that nerve mad! the table is bigger than i thought. it’s taller and deeper and wider that i thought. thankfully, it fits where i wanted it to go. i’ll need to get a lamp for the table then, i can sit there and color or write letters. i’ll put the other stool together this afternoon. it may be bigger than i expected but, i like it. once i got all the screws tightened up properly, it’s quite the sturdy table. the stools have a padded seat. that’s nice and more or less comfy.

ben gave me several black construction trash bags. i took all the cardboard that came with the table and stools, broke it down along with the styrofoam that came with it, and stuffed that bag full. now, i have to go around the house and gather up the rest of my trash and put it on my walkway to disappear before i get home today.

gas was down to $2.06 but, with the gas card that i have, i got it for $1.96! i think this is the first time in many years i’ve been able to buy a tank of gas for under $2. i believe it was a good idea for me to get gas yesterday cause i think i heard that the price of a barrel of oil went up. if that’s the case, it will be interesting to see how much gas went up overnight. yep, the price of a barrel goes up, the gas in the tanks at the station goes up even though they got it at a lower price.

got all my trash gathered up, ready to take outside when Daisy and i leave this morning. so glad it’s tuesday and i don’t have to keep the table and stools trash inside any longer than this morning. my kitchen will again look clean and neat. when i have trash hanging out in there, it causes me slight anxiety cause it’s not neat and there’s nothing i can do about it til tuesday morning!

not even 5am and the dogs downstairs are barking. this time they are inside but, barking. no sound coming from up here to upset them but, it’s too early for dogs to be barking unless there’s another dog or bear out there.

1. pay december rent
2. pay electric bill
3. post office
4. groceries
5. rest my neck while i watch general hospital
6. put together other stool
7. stand in the kitchen and admire table and stools
8. make meatloaf in air fryer 
9. shower and pjs
10. bed

unless louise has me another list of names and addresses for her, i’ll be writing a blog today for her and pat. haven’t been able to do that with all the work needed for the christmas list for pat. will need to get photos for louise’s. not sure pat wants photos. that’ll be up to him. he wants to do a markey analysis blog. okay, go for it. i’ll still send him a copy of the blog and i’ll add photos to louise’s.

okay, i’ve got to get ready. i go at slow and easy so as to not upset whatever this is in my neck and make it hurt.

need to water my plants today. at least, i’ll check the dirt and see if it’s dry and needs water. must remember to open blinds in living room window to let what sun there may be in onto the plants on the table. they do need some light. just don’t think there’s enough for plants to survive here in this apartment.

gonna close for now.

take care,

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