Drugs and a Motorcycle Gang

It was 2am when my door flung wide open and my terrified child was in my face.

“Mom! MOM! We were out in the field behind the house talking when lights started coming on all over, so we started drove off and all these motorcycles started chasing us! It didn’t matter where we drove to or where we turned, there would be one at every corner and then that one would start chasing us.. and I think.. I think they’re still out there!!”

At first thought, I should have known something was up, but I’d been rudely awakened to a frantic child, and the fear I saw in his eyes was VERY real.

I grabbed the phone and called the police, and then went to see what they were talking about.

They were all looking through the blinds, talking about people being in the field across the street.

I looked, but I didn’t see anything.  That was really no big surprise since my eyesight is terrible and it was dark.

If my kids said there was something out there, I believed it.  I had no reason not to.

“They’re holding up signs”

That was the one phrase that really caught my attention.

“Signs? What signs?”

“Signs to tell each other what to do”

and then he told me to look out the window, and I did.  At nothing.

Someone from the County Sheriffs office shows up, and I make the kids tell their story, but at this point, I know I’ve made a bogus call.

I suspected they were on something, but what I expected was that it was glue huffing.

Apparently they had tried that a couple of years earlier and came out with hallucinations of someone chasing them.

The county officer says he’s going to go have a look around, and my son says a few minutes later how he wanted to go get his cigarettes but he was afraid to.

I told him to go get them while the officer was out there too.

I can’t tell you what level of fear was going on inside of me when I actually realized that what HE was seeing was not actually happening.

He came back in and was sitting on the couch, leaning over to look out the blinds every few seconds.

He told me how ”they” were out there pouring tar all over his car, and it was getting on to mine.

Then he said ”Why is there a dead child hanging out of the car window”.

It was a mixture of one of the scariest, yet most absurd things I’ve ever seen.

I had never seen anyone high on meth before.  I had no idea what to expect from it.  At that point, I still wasn’t sure what he was even on until he went outside again.

I looked at his sister and their friend and said ”you two better tell me what he’s on RIGHT NOW, and DO NOT lie to me, because if I have to take him to the ER then I’m gonna find out anyway and then you’ll really be in trouble.”

That’s when they told me it was meth.  I immediately started to cry.

Of all the things to experiment with, they were really gonna pick the one that I’d preached about long and hard?

The officer finished his sweep of our property and left.  I tried to get my child to go to sleep with no luck.

I made a decision, and a few weeks later, I packed us all up and moved us over three hours away.

It got better for that time.

For that time.

That was in 2012.



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