Dark, Dirty Secrets of University Life

As the title goes, Dark and Dirty, Twisted lies and backstabbing bros.


The excitement of being a med school freshman costs your dignity.

Being a closeted guy in a school full of alluring, inspiring young men (and women) was easier than i piictured.




I started getting comfortable in a few men sexing men circle.

In the beginning of the freshman year, I started to explore myself in the city. Closeted man in a big city like Kuala Lumpur? = Terrible Idea.

My masquerade fell off as one of these guys figured that I am on Grindr. That’s when things started to be different.

I seem to have let my guard down.

I was only seen as a guy with a highlight on his hair, to becoming one of them now. We started talking about men. In the open.

I knew that wasn’t right. I started to unmask my dark side. My sensual move has nearly become a part of my personality.


Today i realised this isn’t right. I should lay low. Despite the quick romance I had with an Arab man two nights ago. I finally unbottled the excitement to a close friend of mine way back in JB.

This city gave me a chance to be what i wanted to be. experiencing what i never felt. Every sight, every scent of the back alleys of the streets has made me into this complicated person I am.

I romanced in the balcony, with not a single thread on my body that night. I went crazy-which I never thought i would. I nearly fell in love. I walked in the streets holding hand with the man that shagged me. Even prayed before my own devil took control of me. I wanted more.

I found a daddy. But he was too clingy that it ignited all irk I had within me. Exasperated, now I doubt this will go along way. But this is okay. I only want a fully-sponsored life in this expensive city. Commitment seems too costly. Hence, no. But i might try to be a heartbreaker anyway.

My previous love has permanently moved to the UK. we hardly talked. Its a complicated ship we’re on. A sinking ship perhaps?


These new friends I made, what I learnt:

  1. Leave them curious
  2. Never talk about your past. Nor your future plans
  3. Take advantage of them. But dont be toxic.
  4. Never give too honest advice.


Happy New Year!. My wish this year is to be gym fit and shag a guy from Luuma (Yas, it’s a gay club)

Wish me luck!


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