Friends of All Ages

I’ve been super busy at work for my two straight twelve-hour shifts. I haven’t recovered from yesterdays exhaustion and yet I was busy hustling again today keeping my patients alive and stable.

But it was all worth it because I’ve made friends with my 85-year old patient. She’s such a sweet little old lady with the sweetest smile. I made sure I took care of all her needs, her meds, he lab works, and though I have another patient besides her, I made sure she didn’t feel alone. Because when someone is in the hospital and visiting hours is over, they are pretty much alone no matter how many nurses and doctors are there. And I don’t like that for my patients so I try to make them feel I got them and they have me.

Besides my 85-year old pumpkin, I’ve made friends with my 47-year old nursing assistant. She started calling me “daughter” and gave me a long hug after I’ve kinda mentioned that I’m not close to my mom. So now I’ve acquired a mom and a grandma.

I’ve dreamt of multi-age friendships like this. Because I like seeing things in different perspectives, and most of the time the older ones have the best perspective and the most wisdom. They’ll teach me how to think maturely and I’ll teach them how to live as if they were still my age. Not the technology part because that won’t matter, it’s the “living in the now” part.

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