It Is What It Is

Good or bad, our intentions will not always be clear.

Good or bad, our ways will not always be understood.

Good or bad, we will not always be accepted.

But that’s okay. It is what it is. What’s important is that you know yourself, your ways, your intentions, and that’s what truly matters.

My friend… or more like just a coworker and mentor, to be most accurate, said that he didn’t see any signs that people at work don’t like him. His day went by smoothly yesterday and our coworkers were helpful to him. So now I look like a liar. But to my surprise, I didn’t care. I don’t care about what he thinks of me, I just care about him being maliciously talked about behind his back. But I guess I cannot stop that, and nobody can stop those backstabbers unless he tweaks something in him. Or maybe nobody can stop backstabbers. Period.

It’s just that he sees me talking about something ghostly or imaginary but he doesn’t see the intention. If only he would ask himself why I’m telling him this, why I didn’t just let them talk bitterly of him, why I didn’t just shut up and look the other way, if it’s true. If only he would look inside himself and think that “Maybe there’s something wrong with me that drives people away”, then he would process it and change some things and grow from and above it. That’s how I expected him to react. But I was wrong. And he also thinks I’m wrong. He thinks I’m wrong for “assuming” that some people don’t like him because he is supposed to be liked by everyone. Because they are his family and he is insecure knowing that one or some of them actually dislikes him. He can’t bear the truth that not everyone likes him. How sad? He has a lot of growing to go. Even at the age of thirty one.

Welp! I did my part as a human. It is what it is.


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