Exquisite Corpse 1

I have a theory of ghosts.
I wonder if ghosts, like fate, have any place in the here and now;the present.
Ghosts are the memories of our past. We can let them haunt us, or we can look at them as old
loved ones, here to look after us. I have learned not to fear them, because they can only hurt us if we let them.
And the fate is our future. I look at the future with a sense of anxiety and hope, mixed with reverence.

Eyes turned upward towards the stars, heart leaps, a memory.
Fate is like a memory because, really, if we believe in fate, then the future has already happened. Perhaps it has,
and we can not control it, yet I still think we have choices in life that help determine our fate. We can choose our
attitude in how we deal with the things we can not control. Maybe our fate is determined by what we first remember?
Maybe that shapes us and forms us, and sets us on the path in life.

Passed down from large hand to small to create the illusion of long lives;
however we can not know how long we will live. Whether we believe in one life, here on earth, with a finite number of days, hours,
minutes, or if we believe in an eternal afterlife, we should live our life as though we have the choice of how to live it. Making the
most of the moments we have, be they finite or infinite.

And so every night I travel across a bare autumnal landscape
The beauty of fall is both captivating and predictable, quite a bit like the cycle of life. Are the seasons like fate?
I suppose they are, we can predict that seasons will come and go. Our lives follow a
certain predictable path. We are born, we grow and mature, and eventually, we die. Recognizing that certain
things in life are outside of our control is accepting fate. Making choices in how we face those things can steer us
along a path, but always towards a guaranteed destiny.

It’s better than I ever even knew.

Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.
Marcus Aurelius 


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