Peculiar Dance Lessons are Dancing Lessons from God

Maybe I was there before
Behind us, the house is empty, as quiet as darkness
Running into the thunderstorm
Maybe I’ve been there before
With flickers of rain running down our faces
Sometimes it’s difficult for me to understand what I have become
And harder still to remember what once was

The moon still reflects
In your eyes, off the drops on your cheek, your lips, your lips

A crescent moon, your face, mirrors upon mirrors to infinity
I drew the curtains to a sliver of light, a sliver of you
I can’t help myself, no matter how I try

Baby, I’ve been here before
Sodium arc-lamps and endless drives into forever night
Our hands across the console, melted and folded over and over again
Baby I’ve been there before
We’re waxing and waning, coming closer, slipping away,
Images between our silence, images between our words
I promise my heart will remember everything

The moon still reflects
In our whispered secrets drawn on steamed glass; cocoa, stirring in the cinnamon

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