Easter 2018

Its crazy

Easter used to be pristine frilly dresses, hats, perfect white shiny shoes one didn’t dare tarnish or scuff. Even carried a frilly lacy little purse on Easter. I swear we went to multiple services. We had to of. They started at sun up and went on to the normal church service at 10:30. And grandma cooking a big meal.

Then it went to my little family, church services, hiding eggs, a fun meal. Might have company but often did not.

Then Fast forward to the kids grown. When you have a nurse, a police officer, and a caterer there isnt alot of valid time. And the one that is now a stay at home mom she also worked in an assisted living home for 10 years? more? and it never bothered her to get some holiday pay instead of having time off.

So today T2 and Z are at work. M is out of state with her mans family.  T and her husband and son are at her real fathers house.

she needs that. Grizz raised my two oldest daughters, but they have always had a relationship with their dad. The 4 of us parental units are friends, that’s how it should be. So now that Grizz’s full time involvment is out of the picture my two oldest and their kids they need him. They need a family unity.

Of M’s children, the oldest was here till yesterday when her step mom got her. She is spending Easter with her dad. Thanks to instagram facebook and snap chat it looks like shes having a blast with her  step brother and baby ?half?  sister over there. (i never understood the whole step and half thing. They love each other, they are siblings. All that needs be said)

M’s youngest two left here friday to go to their dads. I have no idea if they wanted to go home to mom to go out of state with her or not.

So here at my house its me and son in law M. He is quite ill actually. and the baby is quite ill with daddy.  So i am sure if she can even rest dad will collapse out with her and rest too. I will secretly be happier if they stay in their little nook upstairs and keep down here germ free

I was craving chili. After it being 64 yesterday its in the 40’s dreary and we might even see a snow flurry or two.

I am perfectly happy sitting here alone, a pot of chili, cardinal baseball.

Enjoying a little peace and quiet. Especially since soccer, volleyball, and baseball start this week. Track has already started, but mom M has that one under control, that one is at the school right after school, so that one works out.


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April 1, 2018

Sounds like you are having a delightful Easter.  I am alone myself.  I just finished having some baked potato soup and I’m now spending time on Open Diary reading entries and leaving notes.  I’m enjoying myself and I hope you are too.  Happy Easter!

April 1, 2018

@wildrose_2 i am. A very peaceful day.

(Potato soup is my all time fav and my co workers cant believe how much i eat it

April 1, 2018

Glad you are ok. Holidays can be quite hard to get through. Take care of you xx