Internet Explorer?


Google Chrome?

Loved firefox over internet expolorer…heard from some that too many viruses happened..sure. i have kids the viruses hit as bad on the internet as they do school.

then i got google chrome. LOVED it! Didn’t have my brand new lap top 6 months and it had so many viruses on it it crashed and burned.

and yes I use two virus protection programs at the advice of my nerd.

Now we are back to square one again. lap top is home, brand new, ready to go, off life support, happy.

tell me….who is using what and what’s the best now

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November 13, 2012

i’m loving chrome. you just need to remember to clear the cache every week or so. i think thats the right word. anyway, i never used to do that and it crashed. i had to uninstall and reinstall but its worth it. i hatehatehate ie and firefox!