Today I am thirty two. It feels like just yesterday I was freaking out about turning 30. How funny it is that we don’t think about age at all when we are young. Time seemed like it would go on forever, as if there was plenty of it to get everything done. I focused more on the present instead of the future or the past.

After 30 I started to see things differently. It suddenly seemed like there was no time at all, and a year felt more like a month. I began to be more picky with how I spent it, and who I spent it with. I started to appreciate the things and people in my life more. I cared less and less about what others thought of me and let more stuff brush off my shoulders.

I now feel like I have more in common with my parents than I did before. Especially knowing that I am as old as they were when they had me, that’s weird. It must be weirder for them. Ten years used to seem like an eternity, but now at 32 I think to myself “Wow. Only three more years until I’m 35 and then 5 short years after that I’ll be 40.”

Ive definitely begun to be more responsible. Focusing more on my savings account, my 401(k), planning my retirement, learning how to invest. All because of the realization  that time goes by a lot quicker than I thought. It’s really interesting to observe younger people from this new perspective. All of a sudden It’s so clear to me what it is to be an adult, and why, no matter what your age, the people older than me will always know more. It comes with experience and perspective. Having been there and done that.

I was young and stupid and now I am feeling older and wiser. It’s a very interesting feeling, and I kinda like it.

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