An strange dream

I had a very strange dream that I must write down before I forget.

I bought my first home on an abandoned cruise ship that had washed ashore and been turned into condos. It was gorgeous. A small curious looking middle aged man ran the front desk and gave me my keys to my condo. #631. I walked down the hall to the elevator which had a wooden door with a small circular window. Inside the elevator was so small that two people could not fit unless they were actually squished together. The entire thing was wood. I went up and up and then the door opened and I walked up some stairs and to the left to my place which was all the way at the end of the hall. I had the ocean view. The place was huge. White walls and floors with marble and and vaulted ceilings. The view was breathtaking. I explored and when I went into the dining area I saw double doors that connected to the actual ballroom/public dining area of the boat! There was no lock. This disturbed me. How could they have sold me a home where people had access? Just as I turned I heard the doors open and a young couple came striding through to take a look at the ocean view. I said “excuse me, this is my private home and you need to leave.” They said “nonsense. Why would a private home have a door connected to the main dining area that people could access then?” I said I had just bought the place and was going to get that fixed immediately and they needed to go. When they just smirked and ignored me I grabbed a water bottle out of my purse and splashed it on both of them. They were shocked and as they left I said “you don’t just walk into someone’s home! I could have been naked!” I then immediately called the front desk and the man was already apologetic. I guess the upset couple had already called. He told me these condos were newly renovated and there should have been a lock on those doors. He would send someone to have them put on immediately. I said thank you, hung up the phone, and waited for the handy man and locksmith to arrive. To my shock, the locksmith looked just like Brad pitt! I couldn’t stop staring. He even sounded like him. After they left I decided to give myself a tour of my new home.

The boat was humongous and it would take me all day to see everything. It was also very easy to get lost. The front desk did provide maps but I decided to find my own way. There were signs in many places that had arrows pointing to the directions of the numbered condos for you to find your way home. I walked to the outside grounds of the boat to see my surroundings. Beautiful grassy fields and beyond that giant rocks, a private beach, and the ocean. People were everywhere having picnics and talking. As I got closer to the ocean I saw a young girl in a beautiful flouncy princess dress having a photo shoot against the rocks. I’m guessing it was for her birthday or for school senior pictures. I couldn’t believe I got to live here. As I looked on around I could picture myself having picnics and enjoying the beach with my guests. I then made my way to the dining area. I could see that the elaborate fancy ballroom was meant for entertainment and dining. There was a section that was private for parties and special events. I found the door that connected to my place. From the dining side it was a mirror so you couldn’t see in. I was happy about that. I was getting a little tired and peopled out and needed some alone time, so I made my way back to my apartment. It took me a little bit because I got confused with the twists and turns of the boat. I even went to the wrong hallway and staircase first. While going up the stairs a young man said “excuse me, you’re not looking too healthy. I have something that would be very helpful for you and your friends if you’re interested?” I was not happy to know that solicitors were hanging out in my building. I immediately said no thank you and continued to my door. Then I woke up! 🤔 Very strange.


Update: One of my very dearest friends interpreted this dream for me, which is actually very similar to how I was also interpreting it in my mind!

“I have an interpretation of it, if I can provide it. The first part, about going through an elevator which could only fit you, to me, meant you are traveling up in Your body to your imagination, which is taking you down the hall to a space which reflects what you truly want to live in. However, there is a resistance, perhaps a lack of belief in being able to have this, which keeps the door open which allows sewage to creep in. This is illustrated by the couple. But the great thing, is that even that has a purpose in helping you realize your oneness with the whole of everything. Even though there was a perceived malfunction, you got to see how it served the function of the whole. In that, you are able to let go of your resistance, and flow with the grace Which is opportunity and situation you want in your life. You begin to understand this grace, and as your dream ended, you tripped over a stumbling block of resistance. To me, the dream is a message to remove the stumbling blocks of resistance, as they are few in number, And they do not make up a large totality in your experience. These are things you can fix, and as you saw in your dream, you have the full support; an apology of the universe for things not being up to shape. But it did take your recognition to call the fixing into order. And for this, you must recognize there is a divine purpose even in seeing the faults. For it is in your seeing them, that you are able to call for their remedy. And without your presence, the remedy would never exist. But it’s also enlightening to see how the remedy exists only for you. And it is provided for when you make your word your wand. Perhaps the dream is saying just that. It takes your word to move things. We often want things to be a perfect package, curated to our needs. Perhaps the universe is telling you, it can be curated, but the input or command must be cast by you. I loved your dream! My spirit tells me you can very quickly move into that home, perhaps by writing? I never knew you were such an eloquent writer. If you’re ever interested, write a children’s story. Something short, a picture book with like 10 pictures chapters, short or long form, your choice. I’ll produce it into a children’s book, with one of my illustrators. We can go 50-50 on the whole thing. I think you’re a wonderful storyteller, and I would love to invest in a children’s story written by you.”

His interpretation is so beautifully put and absolutely accurate. I’m in a place in my life right now where I’m learning to let go of control and trust the universes flow, while also learning how to manifest what I want into my life. Thank you friend. 🙏🏻❤️

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December 12, 2020

Very strange indeed. It’s amazing you could remember all those details after you woke up. 

December 13, 2020

@mamaqueenie518 Yes. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does I feel that it’s a very important message. One of my best friends dud an interpretation for me which I’m going to add on to this!

December 12, 2020

Wow! Very strange indeed.