Change is happening

Sometimes it takes hundreds of years to see change, but even if slowly, at least it’s happening. Women being able to own property, slavery being abolished, women’s right to vote, the end of Jim Crow and desegregation, gay marriage, lgbtq rights, the me too movement, etc…and hopefully equal pay for women soon.

In just my lifetime I’ve especially seen change when it comes to sexual assault and rape. Men like Harvey Weinstein can no longer use their high status, celebrity influence, or power over women who are trying to further their careers. We have a voice now and it’s being heard, but the fight is far from over. I’m glad to see media focusing in on this issue to constantly remind us of this. The show “Unbelievable” with Toni Colette on Hulu which goes deep into the perspective of rape victims, how they deal with trauma and how it can be difficult for anyone to relate. The night Swim by Megan Goldin which is a novel about a rape trial being covered by a podcast reporter/journalist really drives into why people think rape is still a debatable subject when it shouldn’t be. The new movie Promising Young Woman starring Carrie Mulligan showing a young woman who will go to extremes to fight for what is right, the ugly purple in this world pretending to be good, and the amount of people who surprisingly turn the other cheek.

All very powerful with very strong impacts on me and I’m sure whoever has viewed them. As uncomfortable as they are, these topics are so important and people should become talking about them.

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January 18, 2021

I believe ‘communication’ in general will play a part in the unfolding history unfolding before humanity. There are too many topics that are shushed and put in the closet, and too many topics that are given way too much spotlight. And …. I just downloaded The Night Swim on Audible, so thank you for the suggestion:)

January 19, 2021

I agree and you’re welcome! I too listened to the audio book which in my opinion is better since much of it is written as a podcast. 👍🏻