and i barely got a wink of sleep last night i was so excited! also because my mom wouldnt go to bed so i could put her secret santa stocking out ! grrr "hannah its late why are you still up?" "cant sleep, finishing up on some reading…"
hehehehehe….. little did you know mom! UNTIL THIS MORNING! MUAHAHAHAH!

ok so any who, this years christmas was saweet! i got an abercrombie and fitch jacket (because its cute and warm and waaay out of my financial position) and id never shop with my own money at abercrombie because its way too expensive, but i wanted this jacket. so yea i got that, and dc snow boots that im crazy about that match the jacket, and my snowboarding pants and jacket ! and i got an enormous garnet ring from my parents with….diomonds encrusted on the sides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been showing it off all day! omg haha im still on a natural high from the excitement! i couldnt believe it! any who i could go on and on about everything els ei got but those are the only things that really did it for me. 🙂 i felt really bad for trevor because christmas has never been a real family time for him since his mother died……but we made him feel as at home as possible and got him gifts even though he couldn afford them for us this year. i dont care, because his present was being with me on christmas ^_^
any who we have guests so i better go see who it is! maybe more presents? JK lol
merry christmas to all and to all a good night!
i wish we got snow this year 😛

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December 25, 2006

thats cute! i loved the first year i got to be one of the “grown-ups” and bring all the santa stuff out for the kiddies! lol – noah

December 25, 2006

p.s. oops… forgot [random noter] lol my bad.

December 25, 2006

thanks for the great advice! 🙂 i’m not sure i’ve ever done that… but then again its always hard to judge your own actions. lol – noah