grrrr double grrrrr

so you know how last entry i thought it was weird how i had  a shift at 8pm? well it was for a wedding set up and it turned out that a few of my co-workers that were there already finished everything! and my boss didnt call me! i drove for a half an hour for no reason! this is the third time this has happened. funny thing is , 4 other people had the same shift and they werent called either, so there were 5 angry people that night haha. sigh. oh wells. the wedding on saturday was really fun tho! even tho there was throw-up in all of the bathrooms…can you say YUCK? yea they ended up having to pay a cleaning fee cus there was throw-up on the carpet as well.  the only thing i really dont like now at work is that we have to wear these ugly aprons that go from the waist down to your ankles and makes it look like im wearing a dress 😛 ugh. everyone hates them. sigh. well, i dont have work till thanksgiving YAY. too bad i have to miss everything 😛 i mean who the hell wants to go eat out for thanksgiving? only rich snobby people that have no family or like to be alone or something i dont know. but yea thats whats goin on at mccormick. hmm waht else is new… in touch with a couple people on myspace that i havent talked to in a long time. supposed to go hang with one of them on friday to catch up some more. hmm. adriel hasnt responded to my e-mail about his nasty e-mail. i think hes mad at me for some reason but he wont tell me why. maybe this is where we just stop talking….sigh. well i guess i should get back to my report on Kyrgyzstan!

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November 21, 2006

my fiancee and i set a date finally. i wont have any jitters at all, hopefully she wont either. even if she does, im sure it wont result in a cleaning fee cuz of excess puking. Have a Nice Day!