The misunderstanding that people have about happiness is that it is created by outside sources. I am happy only if I am loved. I am happy only if I have money. I am happy only if good things are happening to me.

But happiness is not something that happens TO you, happiness is a choice. Just like unhappiness is a choice. Believe it or not you are completely responsible for the way you feel. No one else is to blame.

When you choose to think positive, you are on the path to true happiness.

Here are two examples of things that help me to be happy in my life right now:

I choose to let go of all anger and resentment towards anyone currently in or out of my life.

I trust that whatever flows in and out of my life is for a purpose and because of understanding that, I can accept things and let go of things easier.

As of today I started to talk about this on my Instagram stories. I never thought about being someone to inspire others. Not publicly anyway. I always like to spread kindness, by doing nice things for others, and giving my friends and loved ones my advice, but I’ve never considered myself self to be a spokes person or a motivational speaker. My friend Anisha told me that I have a gift to inspire others and that I should be showcasing it.

I almost didn’t do it because I thought maybe I would come across as someone who was full of themselves or maybe I would be judged as a know it all, but then I thought “Who cares what people think? I should not care about any of that when all I want to do is inspire others and spread positivity.”

So here is to challenging myself and getting even more out of my comfort zone. 🥂

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June 5, 2019

You should certainly feel free to share your advice and spread positivity! Goodness knows there are enough people out there trying to spread negativity. And there is definitely a lot of wisdom to be found in this entry — some of which I would’ve done well to follow in various past situations (much of the unhappiness and/or anger I’ve felt before was, admittedly, a result of me being too stubborn to swallow my pride and accept a situation for what it was).

P.S. Regarding the previous entry, Portland is high on my list of US cities I hope to visit someday! However, while I have been to California a couple times, I’m sad to say that I’ve yet to behold the mystical majesty of the Pacific Northwest.

June 6, 2019

@drbajahi Thank you so much! I appreciate you saying that. 🙂 I wish I knew things things when I was younger, but I guess adults were right about only learning from experience and age.! I’m sure you’ll get up to the PNW eventually!

June 24, 2019

People and material things only add to your happiness if you allow it but otherwise that’s our own responsibility.