Happy New Year

I work as a flight attendant and tonight I got some inspiration for my New Years resolution.

As I handed beverages to a little boy and girl on my flight tonight ( siblings ) I asked them if they would like a cookie. The little boy said yes so I handed him one and the little girl said “Can I have five cookies?” I couldn’t help but be impressed and replied “Five cookies it is then!” And placed them in front of her. Her brothers mouth fell open. “What?! Why does she get five!?” I looked at him and said “Honey, that’s how you get ahead in life. She’s got guts.” And passed him a few more. 

May this be my toast to the new year. That we all be like this little girl and go for what we want in life, with no fear of failure or rejection. And if we don’t get what we want? Well then we can at least be proud of ourselves for taking a shot. Let’s not live life with regrets or having to wonder what could have been. Cheers everyone! 🥂

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