Let Go and Let God

I saw this quote today on Instagram.

It was a pleasant reminder to not worry and to trust that what is meant for me will come and what is not will not, what will be, will be, and that what happens TO me happens FOR me. There is always a silver lining. Even if I cannot see it at the moment.

This reminder gave me a sense of calm. I needed that mostly because I am getting excited about a boy. Or more a man I should say. And in the past I’ve had a history of getting excited about someone and then immediately putting my guard up in preparation to get hurt. Because that is what I was used to. Being built up only to be let down. The difference is that this time I’m older and I am wiser. The fear is no longer there. When you begin to understand your value and learn to love yourself, it starts to hurt less when someone is not interested because you understand your worth and know that you deserve someone who appreciates you the way that you appreciate yourself.

I now take comfort in knowing I can move forward with getting to know this man and allow myself to get excited and vulnerable without fear of it not working out. Because that no longer matters. Because I trust in the universe, and I trust that the people who come into my life come for a reason. Whether it be good or bad the experiences are all my destiny.

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