McMenamins and Liz is ready to pop!

Even though I was happy to be moving closer to my family I was less than thrilled that I would be living in Tacoma. During

my high school years I remembered Tacoma as being ghetto, run down, having lots of crime. In fact, there was a shooting at the Tacoma Mall. The only time I really went there was after I turned 21, since it was the closest area with some actual good bars and places to dance. Otherwise I considered it a shit hole.

Well I have to admit that the shit hole is less shitty now. Seattle has become too expensive and with more people are moving to the Tacoma area there has been a lot of growth. A beautiful new waterfront area I’ve never seen with an ice cream shop, boutiques, a movie theater and restaurants is now close by. I discovered a metropolitan market as well. There are also a few charming neighborhoods with fancy shops and cafes. None of which I remember being there before. Tacoma has cleaned up a lot. It’s still far from what the Portland area is, but I know it’s going to get better because low and behold, it just got a McMenamins!!!

For those of you who are not familiar, Mcmenamins is a very popular chain of restaurants, bars and theaters that originated in Portland . The Mcmenamin brothers started turning old buildings like hotels and schools into these magnificent and fun establishments where you can eat, drink, explore, dine while watching a movie, or even stay the night as a guest. It’s a huge deal that there is moved me in Tacoma! Any homes within walking distance will go up in value, more young fresh folk, especially from Portland, will be making there way there, etc…  Anyway, I was really missing going there so it makes me happy.

My sister and I explored all 7 floors of it today. It used to be an elks club back in the 50’s. Now, every floor has something to offer. A game room. A brewery for tastings, a brunch spot, a five bar, a tiki bar, a hidden secret speakeasy, and a ballroom with a stage for dancing and events. All I can say is that it’s magical!!!

Later today I drove up to Lynnwood to see my friend Liz one last time while she’s still pregnant. The next time I see her I’ll be meeting her little boy. It’s so hard to believe! It seems like yesterday we were both 15 and now she’s having a baby! He is due on May 8 and I’m praying he comes on time so that I don’t miss it! 🙏🏻I am so ecstatic for her and Andy! I know that Liz doesn’t want him to have her red hair, but we are all secretly hoping he does!

All right I’m off to bed.


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May 1, 2019

I think Everett is more of a shit hole than Tacoma. And Seattle is so expensive (and full of shit drivers). I share a house because you can’t afford to live alone here anymore. McMenamins is awesome tho I miss Portland sometimes.

May 4, 2019

@lotussangues  Yeah I know. :-/ I’m living with my sister and her fiancé in their tiny one bath room house. 😆. I’ve never been to Everett! Now I’m not sure I should go? Lol

May 1, 2019

With all the towns/cities in this country that have been experiencing urban decay or just aren’t what they used to be, it’s very refreshing to hear about a place turning itself around and becoming better and more vibrant than it was before.

There certainly isn’t anything quite as magical as a McMenamins around here!

May 4, 2019

@drbajahi Yeah! It’s crazy how much it’s grown since my high school days. Mcmenamins is a testament to that!