My life tends to go in 4 to 5 year increments. A new chapter each time. Some sort of big change or energy shift. This time I am coming full circle and moving back close to home. This will be my fifth time moving on my own and I have gotten pretty used to it. I’m not even using a moving company. It is so handy to have my own truck now! Yes I will be making quite a few drives, but I’ll be saving a few hundred bucks.

I’m really going to miss being 15 minutes away from work, being only 30 minutes away from us some hiking, and not having sales tax in Portland Oregon. I’m also going to miss being super close to all of my favorite stores. UGH I’m just going to miss it so much! However since I’m a flight attendant and still based in Portland, I know that I always have the choice to stay longer instead of hopping on a flight back to Seattle right away when I get done with a trip.

Even though I don’t want to leave I know that it is necessary. Saving money is a must, and I have been away from my family for too long. On another note, it’s really hard to date in Portland. I haven’t had very much luck at all. But I guess that might be everyone at my age. As of right now the plan is to save enough money for a down payment on a house and then move back down to Portland, have a piece of land and some chickens. Who knows if that dream will change though? Anything going to happen. That is why life is so exciting.

And I really am excited for a change, and excited to be closer to my friends and family. It will be very nice to see them more often. One of my best friends lives is having a baby and I just cannot wait! I’m happy I’ll be around to see him grow! Yes, this will be good. I can feel it in my gut.

I write this in an apartment full of boxes, drinking a glass of red wine. Cheers to me! Here’s to another great year! I cannot wait to see what it brings!

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