oh my fricken gosh!

ok so, the night before last, the kitsap area had a HUGE wind and rain storm! ive never seen anything like it in the 5 years that ive lived here! Just walking around the corner of my house to trevors connected apartment my umbrella broke and i was almost swept off my feet!  branches were flying everywhere and it was just crazy! i ran as fast as i could to get inside! any who, an hour later trevor and i heard a power box explode (a huge boom!) and then the power was out and the next thing we hear is a tree fall somewhere and parts of the room fly off. so all yesterday there was no power and 700,000 people in seattle were without power, even some of the stores, such as walmart and fred meyers, had to throw so much away because there was no refrigeration or freezers. last night my whole family was huddled around our fireplace (thank god it was working!) and drinking tea with hot water that was heated from our small gas lit stove my mom bought (phew). and we couldnt eat anything out of our fridge to make dinner so we went out, well it figured that everyone else in port orchard went out to eat as well, so it took us a half  hour to get seats at a simple mexican restaurant.  we heard from the power company that we werent going to have power for a few days and i was freakin gout because i needed a shower so bad!  but at 10:00 this morning the power came on! thank god! yay!  any who yea its been crazy. the roads and peoples yards are littered with huge tree branches and small trees, long lake road has 2 big trees that go across the whole road , but are held up by power lines, that you have to drive under. and on mullinex theres another tree you have to drive under with the branches going down to the road like a curtain! its kinda scary! everythings getting cleaned up though. any who im glad that power is back on because im looking forward to working the holiday party tonight because trevor is playing in it! it will be fun ^_^ . i would have been dissapointed if it was canceled because i never get to see him play because the bars are all 21 and over. well, im gonna go help my mom with dishes. lata!

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December 16, 2006

that was a crazy adventure to be on. personally, if i was in ur shoes during all that bad stuff. id have focused on positive things. like getting free panties. haha, j/k. i finally got that present thing up on my page Have a Nice Day!

yah it was really windy down here too.. people lost power and everything. .it sucked. -tam