so its been a while!

ok! so we havent gotten our projects back yet, but i know i did a really good job! mine was the only one with colorful paper and backgrounds and put into a neat folder ^_^ yay! at least ill get a good grade for neatness!  2 days ago we had our first snow! i took pictures! (which i will post as soon as i find my stupid camera) then it snowed even more and now there is ice and  snow everywhere and its really really freezing! im wearing my marshmallow coat today (its puffy and white of course) with a thick knitted scarf. i need gloves and snowboots bad! oh and earmuffs, cus i look terrible in hats! any who, i am happy because this winter is colder than most so that means we will be getting more snow! *crossing fingers* today was also the last day of watercolor art 🙁 that makes me sad! i loved that class! i will be posting pictures of my art as well ! i had no idea i could paint until i took this class! i figured, easy class and easy credits, but ive found i have a whole new talent! and i love it! i see everything through art prospective now! hmm what else is new, our kitchen is finished! absolutely beautiful with all of the latest technologies! i guess i will have to take a picture of that too for memories sake! this diary is turning into my scrap book! any who , just a few more days and winter quarter is over , which means its time for break! our winter break goes from dec 6 to jan 2nd. awesome huh? after christmas my family, boyfriend, and friends are going to stay in this huge 4 story cabin at mount baker! im so phsyched! theres gonna be a hot tub and everything! ill be able to go in the hot tub and then jump into the snow and then go back into the hot tub! haha how fun! man im bored right now, i have 45 minutes till class and so im here in the computer lab writing in my diary. i needed an update anyway.  OH i almost forgot! the other night Trevor slid into a ditch! His jeep was at such a scary slant and the ditch was soo deep, it looked as if he should have rolled! good thing he didnt! i am so glad hes ok! my dad toed him out with our excursion! handy to have an suv ^_^ today on my way to school, i was going 20mph on a 25mph road and the tail end of my car kept sliding out! it was scary! i need to get my winter tires on pronto! hmmm well i guess ill go get something to eat in the cafeteria now. late!

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December 1, 2006

first snow eh? well yesterday here in houston, we actually had to put on jackets. before then it was still shirt and shorts weather. damnit i want snow. Have a Nice Day!