The New Normal

Normally I would be posting about a concert, or party, or trip I had planned, but now here is the lsyest news from my new normal. I’ve saved a lot of money by not going out or traveling, so my credit card is almost paid off and I just put down $1,500 towards the principle on my car payment. 🙌🏻 I git a $50 tip ( from a slimy guy 🤮 ) in first class during my last work trip. I beat Pokémon Y and just started Zelda on the Nintendo 3Ds. I gave up on my 1,000 piece puzzle even though I was 80% finished. It was giving me a headache. And last, but not least, I started another journal called the “I am” journal that I fill out every morning and night. It’s an affirmation and manifestation journal and it’s helping to keep me feeling mentally positive. 🙂 I highly recommend. Also, I found out last week that United Airlines is furloughing all employees hired since 1996…. that’s shitty. My heart goes out to those people. It makes me even more grateful to still have a job. Speaking of job, I’ve gotta be up in 5 hours. 😅 Goodnight!


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