Japan, In Pictures, So Far

So, after some self loathing last entry, over two months ago now…, I decided to do what I do best (at times) and have taken the opportunity to get some digital visual documentation of some things I’ve seen around Japan thus far. Long sentence.

First up is the first photo I took once I was out of quarantine. Nothing special, just a ‘rooftop’ photo, looking west at the mountain range.

Then, two months later in October, we ventured just a bit up north to the Sawanoi-Ozawa Sake Brewery in Sawanoi.

Then I just checked out a local shrine that is literally just up the road from me.

Then, just some night time walking around Tachikawa



Lastly, so far, ventured up to Sayama Lake to capture Mt. Fuji…from a large distance away.





I implore you. If you read this post and look at these pictures, please, at the very least, click on this last one to see the large version. Worth it.


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Amazing photos! You take great shots!

November 23, 2020

Wonderful photos, thank you so much for sharing them with us!! I’m planning to move back to Japan next year, so I cannot wait to travel around the country again πŸ™‚

March 30, 2021

you’re in japan 😍😩 photos are stunning!