Stormy Weather

We are supposed to have some very bad weather coming tomorrow…I’m not looking forward to that.  They are talking about a high chance for tornadoes.  Oh the joys of living in the South.  It’s another reason I don’t like Springtime weather.  Winston has his vet appointment tomorrow but I may have to cancel again if the bad weather isn’t out of here by then.  I hate to cancel but I definitely don’t want to be driving an hour away in really bad weather.  I made him a grooming appointment for Friday.  I gave him a bath today but his fur is starting to knot up so it’s time for his good, short puppy cut and the weather is warm enough for it now.  He looks like a completely different dog after a hair cut…but, he’s still cute.

I had fun with my friend, Bonnie, Sunday when I went with her to take her daughter to Texas to meet her dad halfway.  I felt bad for her daughter, though, because they stopped to get something to eat after she was with her dad and her suitcase got stolen out of the back of his truck while they were in Dairy Queen eating.  She had all her favorite clothes and shoes in that suitcase.  Some people just make me so angry.  One thing that can’t be replaced that was in the suitcase was a notebook of poetry that she has been writing in for years.  That’s just so sad.

I finally got some paperwork back regarding Landon’s SSI/disability.  It was four envelopes of papers that I needed to fill out and get back to them before they make their decision.  I take it as a good sign because last time when he was turned down I never got those papers so maybe he will be approved this time.  I got them all filled out and in the mail today.  I talked to a lady who told me it will still be another few months most likely before I hear anything for sure.  She did tell me that it will backpay him for these months that we are waiting so that would be great. I also got his new medical/Medicaid cards in the mail…it was a good mail day.

I hope everyone had a good Tuesday.


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March 29, 2022

I’m glad you have a good day. Stay safe when bad weather hits.

April 1, 2022

Tornados must be so scary! I would love to see one in real life, and not just on some movie…but since they are fast and deadly I think just seeing them on the screen is good enough!!

Please stay safe whenever there is bad weather.

April 2, 2022

I feel badly for Bonnie’s daughter too. Especially not having her poetry anymore. Fingers crossed Landon is approved for disability and so glad he has Medicaid.