Feeling So Fab

So, I’ve done my trial exams. The only one I didn’t pass was Revolutions and my teacher told us that she expected my class to fail anyways. I had a fight with my dad last night, the first fight I think I’ve had with him since he told me that we were moving to Australia, over those trial exam grades. He just doesn’t get that I’m having to complete my final year of high school in a foreign country and that the trials don’t even count for anything.

In other news, I’ve officially finished my VisCom folio! It was due today and I feel on top of the world because it’s over and done with. Finally, I can focus on studying for exams and finishing my theatre monologue. I was thinking about starting a Photoshop project, like a calender, what now that I have much more free time.

Aaron and I are now Facebook official. He suggested it, so I felt it was about time. We have been together for over a year now. My parents didn’t give me any grief over it, so that’s a real relief. I think I’ve found something quite special in him and I’m really happy.

Now, I’m on a two-week school break that’s not really a break; I’ve got so much revision to do, it’s really just two weeks of pure exam study. Which is what I need, but still. How annoying.

I’ve counted. I have ten full school days left. Well, twelve, but the last two days are really just party days for the Year 12s. How strange is that??? I’m so close to graduating from Haileybury, I can taste it. Victory and satisfaction is on my tongue and I’m savouring it.

"I’m in love with [him] and I feel fine",


P.s.- Lyrics by The Beatles. 🙂

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