So I was thinking about something this morning when I was reading a Philip Yancey book.  I was thinking about our bodies. Especially getting older, my body comes to mind now and then… well more now than then.  But no matter what the age, we pay more attention to the parts that hurt us than to the parts that are just going along and being normal.  But we DO appreciate the parts that “serve” us well.  We appreciate our muscles that work to move us from place to place and we appreciate being able to see, hear and taste… those senses that work.  We pay immediate attention to, however, any part that is in pain or not functioning properly.  If we’re coughing, those lungs get syrup, maybe even antibiotics.  If we burn a finger, we pull out ice cubes or whatever.  If something is not working right, we may get annoyed with the arthritis or sore muscles or whatever it is that’s causing the issue, but we usually don’t get annoyed with the part, itself.

With that in mind I started thinking about Jesus and Romans 12:5, the part that says, “…so we, though many, are one body in Christ.”

That made me feel better about maybe being sort of an arthritic part sometimes.  I mean I don’t always function well (as a part of the body of Christ).  I have doubts, I ignore Him.  I like to watch TV instead of do devotions.  I don’t run eagerly to church every Sunday.  Sometimes that causes me a great deal of guilt.  On the other hand, I guess that also means that maybe Jesus is not angry at me so much as He’s paying some attention to me to get me to work right.  And when I DO work right, He’s probably appreciating me 😉

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April 19, 2018

I think we should do what feels right for us I’m sureif there is a higher being watching over us they would agree.And re the therapist-well I am planning a letter from my perspective to show to him on Monday If he takes it badly then that wil be that!But its my right to explain how terrible I was left feeling and I never thought therapy should make you feel like that.I have plenty of aches and pains but I’m trying to ignore them for the moment.Take care.