Eight Days of Birthday

Well, my eight days of birthday are over now.  I started celebrating on Saturday the 7th and continued on through Sunday the 15th.  I had lots of fun but it’s back to boring now.  It began with a family painting party where we all went to a little studio and tried painting a picture of a moon over a body of water.  It was myself, my husband, my two daughters and their husbands, my son and his girlfriend and my three granddaughters.  After that we went out to Big Bowl for dinner, then the girls had an overnight party at my one daughter’s house :-). We watched movies and ate popcorn and played word games.

The family made a beautiful photo book for me with little letters from each person saying wonderful things plus they collected letters and photos from my brothers as well.  And all that was just the beginning.

I had lots of food… eight days worth of yummy stuff (now it’s back to normal) and lots of relaxing.  More celebration, we went out with friends to a place called the Sugar Factory and I had a peanut butter cup martini (that I continue to fantasize about ;-)).  And the eight days culminated with us going to a special showing of Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead last night in the movie theater surrounded by other fans as we screamed and yelled and urged Rick to kill Negan.

Today we closed on refinancing our house, which was a relief.  A good interest rate and rolled two mortgages together plus we paid down some principal.  This lowers our monthly payments by a couple hundred dollars.  It’s a relief to have it over with.  I hate doing this stuff.


So… I am now sixty-five.  I didn’t think I would ever live this long.  What a shock.  Who knows what will happen now.  This is quite long enough so if I die now, it’s okay — except my husband would be horrified, lonely and grieved.  I’m in good health so there’s no reason to believe I’m going to buy the farm, as they say, but one never knows.  I would like to see my granddaughter continue with her skating and see what happens with that.  She is super talented and maybe we’re not talking Olympics here but maybe…. well, just maybe…  even if we’re not, I think we’re talking something extraordinary.

And I have another granddaughter who is in college now and she is pretty amazing too.  She’s got all super good grades and wants to do a double major.  She’s really into STEM and the hard sciences so she kind of has the world at her feet.  It would be nice to see what she does with it.  And my third granddaughter is super creative and I keep thinking she may end up going to Columbia and making movies.  So…. it would be really nice to see how they are headed.

But, I guess it’s all up to God, isn’t it?

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April 16, 2018

Thank you for your words of encouragement I told my therapist last time I believed I would be “done” with therapy by now.He muttered something about multiple traumas. Well yes he’s right.I wish I had had an ordinary uneventful life but.it wasn’t to be!Congratulations on your birthday and may you have many more. I am 67 going on 68 and today in the supermarket I announced to the checkout operator “-my pension card” (get a special discount )She said I wasn’t going to ask -you didn’t look old enough so I told her my age and her reply was “I thought you were 50″Made my day!