I’ve got to set my priorities.  Things have been running away with me lately.  I was thinking on my train home that I need to set some goals… or my like standards, and then stick to them.

God first

then family and running the household

then writing

THEN work.

We live off my husband’s pay and my Social Security anyway.  Only a tiny bit of the money I take in is used toward living expenses and we’re pretty comfortable as we stick to a tight budget and have no debt except our mortgage.

At my age there is not a whole lot of cognizant time left and I want to use it writing.  I just had three more pieces accepted for publication.  I want to spend more time doing THAT but I have been swept into the work frenzy (even though I’m supposed to be retired… well, at least semi-retired).  I need to keep reminding myself of my priorities and not go in on days off.

Also, I need to NOT be playing iPad/iPhone games.  If I’m not writing, I should be reading and if I’m not reading, I should be sleeping, not goofing around with the iPad.  I have no discipline and I need to straighten myself up.  It seems like I jump to attend to every impulse, whether it’s my own or my employer’s.

And look at this diary! I haven’t written in here for so long and I PAY for a subscription in here.  That’s ridiculous.  I wished for years to have this diary back and now that it is I do not intend to let it languish.


So… I had, actually, a pretty wonderful Mothers Day… but when is my life not wonderful, really?  I do have to prioritize, like I said, but I don’t have complaints about the potential my life holds.  I HAVE had trials.  I have had struggles and issues and things I have had to deal with.  But now I have no complaints (although you might not know that on rainy mornings when my arthritis is acting up, I’m tired and have to go to work ;-)). I have the best life ever!  I have an incredibly wonderful husband who not only tells me he loves me, he DOES things that are loving and helpful and clearly demonstrate that love.

It wasn’t always that way, although he has been great more than he has been tough.  But he started going to this Men’s Bible study group way back in January of 2016 and that just finished the polishing.  He was already pretty wonderful but ever since he started Ironmen, he has been unimaginably wonderful.  His motto is “Bless, Serve, Love,” and he really lives that.  If there is some sort of problem or disconnect, he truly works to fix it.

I have awesome kids, each with their own set of wonderfulness.  No, they’re not doctors or lawyers or anything I can go to coffee and brag about exactly, but they are perfect for me.  They are very kind human beings and my daughters are wonderful mothers.  My sons-in-law are great fathers.  These things make my happiness immeasurable.  And my son, who had me worried for so long, now seems to be pulling it together.  He just got a good job.  He is doing well in school and things seem to be settling in on the relationship front.  I just wish he would find his way back to Christ.

So, no, I can’t complain about my life.  I don’t think it could get a whole lot better.  It is amazing to me after so many years of turmoil and strife… sleepless nights and troubles.  I spend soooooo much time now just thanking God and appreciating this life he’s given me.  Yes, I know it could disintegrate in seconds.  Someone could get sick or die.  Something terrible could happen.  We could suddenly become penniless, whatever.  But, you know what, for right now that’s NOT the case so for right now I’m going to enjoy this wonderful blessed time that has seemed to go on for several years and keep enjoying it for as long as God allows.  I will continue to thank Him for giving it to me because He didn’t have to.  Every minute I CAN enjoy, I WILL enjoy!!

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