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Won’t somebody PLEASE turn on their RSS feed in their diary maintenance page so I can try this new thing that the diary master has set up? Just go into your diary maintenance page and click on front page and scroll down to RSS feed and click the box. Then I’ll be able to click the little xml thing and when you update your page it’ll come up as news for me! (I hope.) This is the new feature that the diary master wrote about in his log on 2/13. I thought it was pretty cool sounding so I looked it up and my husband has been helping me to install it. I turned my on to so if you guys want to play with it… there it is.

P.S. It only shows the public entries… NOT the favorites only or private entries.

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there it is? there what is? I don’t get it.

Okay… Ive turned mine on 🙂 RYN – Thank you for your kind notes. I have been going through a bit lately but Im feeling alot better now. God looks after me so much it amazes me! I have much toi be grateful for! And yes commitment is the key!!!!!

February 18, 2005

btw- i’m 5’8, a little under 5’8 actually, but around there. L