Things are nice…

First, the RSS thing is not working very well, but I’m still playing with it so thank you for setting it on your diaries, those of you who have :-).

Secondly, I had a wonderful day and evening with my husband yesterday. I’m feeling MUCH closer to him and much more cared for now. Not only did he watch Survivor with me but also the Apprentice! Will wonders never cease LOL. It’s not really the shows; it’s the feeling that he’s willing to come into MY world with me and do MY thing. THAT makes me feel cared for. And today I feel very cared for again. I guess I just need that from time to time. Things feel so much more salved today. I feel so much closer to him now and so much more affectionate. One day of closeness and an evening of having him do my stuff seems to have wiped out weeks of frustration and loneliness. Isn’t that weird?

So, there you go, Sweetie, this is your good write-up! He keeps saying he wants to see his good write up in Open Diary because he put in his time watching Survivor LOL.

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February 18, 2005

lol 🙂

Awww sweet one……That is great…..NOW KEEP IT UP! Winkers… Maybe you two feel like you are on the survivor…LOL

RYN: I’ve been telling myself that I am in a depression, but hoping to *laugh, smile and busy* my way out of it. I don’t think it is working.. I got approved for the new medical coverage effective March 1st…….I’m hoping to go see Grace soon after…..and then, I have a physical scheduled at the end of March……..I’m falling apart. think I will use next weekend to melt!