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So first I want to write about my dreams.  Yeah, I know, how trite.. how cliche.  But, really, I had a great dream last night.  I will spare you the goofy parts that nobody would care about or even understand, but the good part was that I had this dream that I went to Alaska for vacation and was with my family and my daughter’s family.  And, while we were there, a tour guide took us from place to place and, in my dream, I had never seen such beautiful sights!  There was one place we were where the land spread around us panoramically in shades of blue and gray with rugged mountains in the distance and it was all land.  There was nothing marring it, no lights, no buildings, nothing in the distance – just land.  I remember saying, “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” (although I have seen similar in Wyoming… but this was truly breathtaking.). Then, later, he took us to a place where penguins were playing.  Some were like normal penguins but others were fluffy and chubby, almost like living stuffed animals.  Again, it was all land, stretched around us.  The third and final place we were taken we had to first go into a cabin that was surrounded by a very tall wooden fence so we couldn’t see what the other side looked like.  The cabin was a gift shop / cafe type of place with a mini museum about some kind of flood that had hit the area years ago.  Then when you went out the back of the cabin and around the edge of the fence, you were met by the sight of the bluest sparkling water you could ever imagine.  Again, this water stretched so far you could barely see the other shore.  There was a strip of shore where we stood then some small cabins and caves to the left of us where we could climb and explore, but I could barely move I was so blinded and overwhelmed by the water.  The tide rose and the water collected by my ankles and over my hiking boots and finally I went to join the family.


Of course, my dreams aren’t always this wonderful.  As a matter of fact, they usually aren’t wonderful at all… but they have been very vivid lately.  It seems like I’ve been dreaming a lot and I haven’t dreamt that much for a long time so I don’t know why I’m having this sudden rash of dreams.


I also dreamt that my husband brought home fish packed in water and showed it to me when I was lying in bed so that the fish water spilled all over our bedding and then onto the floor and carpet, etc. when I was carrying it to the kitchen.  I kept thinking… great, fish water, and summer is just about to get here.  So, you can see, it’s not always fluffy penguins and extraordinary landscapes. 😉

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May 25, 2018

Thank you my friend It got worse if you can believe it I’ll write on that soon.Hope you are doing ok. Have a good weekend !

June 28, 2019

You should go barefoot sometimes, it will make a world of difference…