April 20th, 2018 {SB}

Over to the service bar for Friday night.

I arrive about on time, go collect my cash drawer with my usual weekend addition on top of it, and get set up for the evening’s work. True to her word, Charon has seen to it that I am much more stocked and ready to roll than last weekend.  I take stock of what I have versus what I need, and while I find a few things I want topped off, we’re nonetheless in much better shape and I’m pleased.  I make a point to tell her so when she comes around to check in a bit later.

Our cocktail staff continues to be at subsistence levels, and we have Mary and Haley on board this evening.  Haley’s over on my side and has a rough start to it when a guest lights into her for something or other. I really don’t get why people think they have the right to verbally abuse workers.  Thankfully the casino has no tolerance for that. People get ejected for such nonsense.  It doesn’t stop it from happening, but at least there’s satisfying recourse.  The girl may have a steamer trunk full of emotional issues, but that doesn’t mean you get to dump on her like that.


The first half of the shfit is fairly calm.  It’s Friday night and people are getting off of work, catching the buffet, and generally settling in. No other major events in-house so it’s a casual vibe. I wait on my guests, field the orders from the cocktail girls, and generally enjoy the fact that my ears get to escape the evening without sonic bombardment.  I put the playoffs on the TVs.  One for NBA, one for NHL. I can be fair like that. Much as I’m not a basketball guy, I know that’s a minority view and a TV with a basketball game on it is like a bug zapper light for beer drinking fans. Many of my favorite regulars are out gambling and are pleased to see me hanging out on their side of the house. I can get used to this.

The latter half of the evening is a bit busier, but never too hectic to see straight. We have an issue with one of our kegs, but it looks like the line just wasn’t cleared out well and that gets taken care of with a minimum of fuss, and my regular native guests go away happy that they got attended to.  My barback for the night Mack is again just kicking some ass and responds when he’s summoned.  I tell ya – the guy does a good job. Between him and Red, at least two of our barbacks are actually competent again, which is extraordinarily nice. We aren’t usually so gifted in that area.

We have a cluster of hipanic guests who half block the walk-up, but they’re just sitting and relaxing and it’s not hecitc, so while it annoys me it’s nothing I’m going to make a federal case over, and they’re having a good time so… hell, why not. Another couple of ladies does the same on the other side of it and I can only laugh.  I just tend bar at the open spaces as people walk up, and it works out. Eventually the cluster of beverage staff regulars that comes to the bar, does so and hangs out for the rest of the night. They were looking for some interesting cocktails, but some of the more exotic ingredients aren’t on hand. I make a mental note to remedy that as the earliest convenience.

Around 12:30am, as expected, Charon comes around to shut the service bar down. It’s a logistical thing, really. Keeps her from having to shut down two bars simultaneously at 1:15am. Even one is tricky. Plus as a bonus, the service bar guy (me) gets to escape the building 30-45 minutes eaerlier, so while I miss out on the last 15-20 minutes of drinking tips, I go home a tad earlier. Honestly, seems like a fair trade to me, and I made good cash.  Zero complaints.

On my way by the main Lounge to let Charon know that I’m heading out, I greet Morgan and Abby behind the other bar, and one of them queries Charon about their chance to work the service bar.  Charon, bless her, nixes it, and basically says “Nope, that’s Hellrazor’s baby. He’s got seniority.” I’m not 100% sure I strutted out the door, but it’s possible I might have.  I also briefly touched on the schedule issue that’s going to be arising as our bartending staff resumes full strength, with Cherry returning in a couple of weeks, and Jerry the Older doing so likewise.  We haven’t had our full discussion on the matter, but we we’ll work out the fair thing to do to make sure I still get the hours I want and so on.


Closing observations :

  • One of my cocktail girls tucking behind my bar to shed a few frustrated private tears always makes me wanna hurl bottles at rude people. I don’t, though. that’s what security is for.
  • Seniority is a word that has never actually meant a damn thing as far as upper management is concerned, and I don’t expect it to start meaning something now, honestly. The fact that Charon used it at all though was pretty damn cool.
  • I’m floored that Jerry the Older is going to be back so soon, honestly. I guess the break wasn’t as bad as advertised. I broke my back once. Wasn’t fun. Was on a walker for two months.


Next up : Saturday night

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