August 5th, 2018

Sunday night, and the crowd is light…

I’m sure there’s a song in there somewhere.


‘Twas a very quiet shift, honestly.  The regular folks who were there when I arrived buggered off (quite uncharacteristically) very early in, and we pretty much just had foot traffic for the night. Now it was helped because we had zero cocktails in the house. Haley called in. The few people there were reasonably understanding about it, though. I heard almost zero complaints, which was fairly surprising.

It seems Angela’s going to be pushed into the Lounge as our reigning supervisor, and Shelly will be heading back to food court. I had a good rapport going with her, so that’s kind of a bummer but Angela seems reasonably cool so far, so I guess we’ll see what happens. Not much alternative to that, huh? The big question is, with Rickie back, does she have her hands on the schedule book again? And if not, then who?  Questions to ponder.

Ken came by the bar after work as he often does, and we actually chatted a bit, which isn’t usual. He’s a nice enough sort, really, and generally tosses me $6-$7 after drinking his two or three beers. It helps.  I know he’s of the opinion that with bar staff low, management should just schedule people in and fuck ’em if they don’t like it, but… we’ll see I suppose. They’re probably tense to do that, being ill-able to afford the loss of another barkeep.

At any rate – being fairly bored, I finally got around to fixing Dougie’s half-assed job at putting the floor mats back together. They’ll look good again until Dougie gets pressured into washing them another time. I’ll spare you the rant and just say the man is half-worthless, at least as far as being a bar back goes.

The night otherwise was quiet, fairly innofensive, and reasonably lucrative for all that.


Closing observations :

  • There’s word on the street that we might be seeing one of our older barkeeps, Eddie, return to the fold for a third time.  I’ll believe it when I see it. His last go round, he walked out in the middle of a Saturday night shift, so my opinion of his professionalism is way down.
  • Haley may be legit trying to just get herself fired. I don’t comprehend that, but I also don’t comprehend why the casino isn’t willing to actually pay their bar staff a wage that would actually attract people to apply. It’s catching up to them fast, and they’re just too blind to see it or care.
  • The vaunted ‘clock out for breaks’ policy is getting its usual lukewarm response from staff, and the supervisors are doing their usual lukewarm effort at actually enforcing it.  Easy money we’re all ignoring the time clock again by end of the month.


Next up : Thursday

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