August 9th, 2018

As I’m driving in to work I notice with some reluctance that the parking lot is even less full than usual.

In a way I’m not surprised, really.  Pow-wow for the local tribe is this weekend, so there’s always fluctuation in the crowd. Also the state fair is on. Both of those things tend to make August a little dry at the well, so to speak.

So I park in the usual spot and walk up to my usual point of entry with about 5 minutes until I’m going to be late. This is good. Go Team Hellrazor. However… the door is blocked off.  I try the door next to it. Locked. The signs on the door indicate that this is not a going point of entry due to construction things …  the fuck?   H’ok, then.  The next point of entry isn’t that far over, so I still clock in on time.

I’m called into the office as I walk by and talk to Angela and Rickie, who inform me that the locker rooms where I normally stash all of my work items that I keep on the premesis is going to be closed down for a month or two due to said construction, and that I need to make sure my belongings are removed tonight before I go home. Apparently – security made sure to call down to our office and let them know to tell -me-.

This was wise. See, the last time something like this happened, I was on a very limited schedule, and their posting of the notice and the expiration of the warning period all occured before I ever had time to see it, so I showed up at work that fateful day to find my lock destroyed and my locker emptied.  I think it probably goes without saying that I completely LOST MY SHIT.

In that instance at least, they’d had the foresight to bag up my things so nothing was actually -lost-, but the memory of that holds, by the sound of it. I’m okay with this. I appreciated the notice this time.

Also – in addition to the locker rooms being down, HR is getting temporarly moved to the convention center, and our main employee break room/dining room is being shut down. To compensate a bit, they’re going to let us buy $2 takeout boxes at the full buffet. This is interesting. I won’t take advantage of it much I suspect, but I could see it on Thursday nights, as I’m so close to the room anyway.

The why of it all? The casino is finally getting around to repairing some of their hotel rooms that were water damaged severely when some bozo smoked in a non-smoking room and set off sprinklers that soaked -everything-.  Floors-worth of everything. This was a year plus ago, for the record.

At any rate – I wandered around to my locker the long way to stow my wallet and whatnot, and … oh hey. I have a plastic bag in there. Well that’s handy. I can’t even recall how -that- got there, but I”m not complaining. I eventually finish up my biz and mosey over to the service bar for my shift. It is, as predicted, painfully slow. Not even many gamblers to watch.

I chat with Angela when she comes by, and then head down to the Lounge at 7 to break Cherry. So that’s where the people are…

Granted. It’s not a lot of people, but the bulk of them are out-of-town traffice in for the pow-wow. This is a thing.

I take advantage of the dinner buffet as I was starving and it was steak night, so… that was good.

The rest of the night wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy.  I did my shift. I gave Cherry her evening break. I talked to the new out-of-town folks. I eventually went home a bit early. Things were good.


Closing observations :

  • The only problem with out of towners is that you’re explaining our particular bar rules to brand new people, and then catching them as they break said rules.
  • Yes – I did remember to clear out my locker.  Felt really weird bagging up all my old trinkets and collected nonsense. I hope to be back soon. It’s kind of home away from home.  I did take a minute and re-ink the nametag on it, though. Just a big stylized first initial, but it’s mine, dammit.


Next up : Saturday

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