February 13th-14th, 2021

As these shifts somewhat feel blurred together, so will this brief entry.

In short – this has arguably been the busiest weekend we’ve seen in a long while. Saturday we had a call-in, so I had the lounge all to myself, and Sunday, having it all to myself is just par for the course.

Several items of similarity to note between the two shifts :

  • A general dearth of idiots. Cheapskates, yes. Idiots, no.
  • In the word of our day barkeep on Sunday, they were ‘annoying’. It was literally near to impossible to get much done. You could get a single case of beer out of the walk-in to stock your main coolers, and finally be able to put it away 45 minutes later. Every time it looked like you were through the line, 4 more people would walk up, or cocktail orders would come in, or both.
  • The money was ridiculously good.

I’ve nearly tripled my tip intake for my normal conservative fiscal projection. This is a good thing. (I think.) Strong odds on the crowd being driven by recent (brainless) COVID restrictions being LIFTED too early + Valentine’s weekend.

I’m honestly hoping for a nice dead Monday night so the bar can finally be properly restocked. I’ve also got a crossword stashed behind the liquor shelf for a slow night and I’m twitching to get at it.  On the other hand – if the weekend trends wants to continue and give me even -more- money to help pay the bills? I suppose that’s fine too.


Rock on.


Take it easy, folks.


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