February 19th-20th, 2021

So with last weekend’s freneticism I was both hoping for (and simultaneously dreading) the same this week.

Thus far, it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

Friday night I was down in the lounge with one of our other regular barkeeps. She and I get on pretty well, and don’t often get to work together so that was nice. On the whole, the evening was quiet-ish but not dead by any means. While it wasn’t a great night for tips, it was a low night for idiocy of any measure and so that was good.

I was able to bang out notes on a philosophy lecture for college on my breaks, so that was also good.


Saturday night, I had the service bar, and it was back to the previous weekend’s normal. Annoyingly busy. Just busy enough to keep you from really accomplishing any of the ‘housekeeping’ tasks you have to do throughout your shift, but not so busy you were out of breath. We did have a couple of moments with people. One that was rather noteworthy was a visibly drunk girl (and her visibly non-drunk friend) coming to the bar for beverages. I focused as I do in these cases, on the sober member of the party. I told her I’d serve her, but was going to decline serving her friend. She looked -immensely- grateful and requested water for her girlfriend. Left me a nice $5 tip on $4 drink too, so clearly she was very glad I did my responsible job in this case. Go me.

Beyond that, it was what it was. I do love though when people come up to my bar and find me, the bartender, standing in front of coolers full of brewed barley & hops beverages (read as : Beers), and then asking “Hey, do you have beer?”  I indulge myself just enough to sloooowly look behind me and consider, before sloooowly turning around and assuring them that yes, I do have beer.  It’s so tempting to be an utter smart-ass in those cases. I let the moment pass, though.

Ultimately though, walked out with over twice what I made Friday night in my pocket. I feel the bills account in my bank is going to be happy again this week. Two more days to ice the cake.


Take it easy, folks.

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