February 1st, 2021

And here we are – Monday once again!

I was not hoping for much, and my traditional Monday came through in spades.

It was dreadfully slow – even including the last-hour increase of business as folks start realizing that they can’t imbibe alcohol all night and want to make sure they can spend the maximum amount of money in that pursuit prior to the end.

I’d intended to stock the bar painfully full after inventory, but the dayside barkeep did a lot of that (which is fine) and after filling in a couple of glaring holes, I just didn’t feel super motivated to go crazy with it.

There was a lot of TV watching, really. The usual Monday night game shows, plus Blade & Blade II over on the side TV. Would have enjoyed those on the big screen, but given the casino occasionally goes in for ‘Only sports & news on TV’ rules, and they haven’t cared much since we re-opened, I felt that the opening Blood shower rave battle scene would probably have pushed some of our older crowd into filing negative comment cards and the fun would have been over for 6 months or so until we all collectively ignore the rule again.

A little caution goes a long way sometimes.

Anyway. With the exception of one asshole who didn’t like the house rule that everything must be on ice, and chose the option for his tequila shot because ‘it was MORE work for me’ and didn’t tip either, it was a nice, boring, idiot-free night. (And really. Dude? You think asking me to use a cocktail shaker for 10 seconds is MORE work for me? Psh. Get in line behind the cheerleader group wanting 42 frozen daquiries.  Amateur.  He wisely didn’t come back to the bar, though. -nods sagely-)

Money was – actually pretty good for a Monday. Better than last Saturday night in fact, which is painfully sad while being good.

And a last bit of good news – my PTO request for next Sunday/Monday was granted, so I’ll be able to enjoy the Super Bowl here at home and make homemade wings and such – plus have some extra time on my schedule to catch up on both school and gaming.

It’s a good thing.  Take it easy, folks.

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