February 5th, 2020

So we had a fairly impressive snowfall on Thursday.

I’ve had to call the plow guy more times this month than in the last 2 years put together.

I was hoping that the post-snowfall-must-go-out-rubber-band effect would be in play last night, but… not really.

It was painfully slow most of the night. We had a couple of random idiots, a few assorted cheapskates, a modest pocket of regulars, and some guys from a laundry machine company’s sales division in to complete a major project. They were hanging around drinking too.

I managed to get some philosophy homework done over break, which was good.


An early bit of not-good news was that our idiot sycophantic twatwaffle of a governor has decided to simply lift all the virus safety restrictions and open the state back up wholesale. I guess she’s unhappy that we’re not #1 on the infected list anymore. Gods. People who don’t science irritate me so much.

Now – the open question here – is what will the tribe do? They’re a sovreign nation technically, so they don’t have to abide by that little proclamation, and so far at least, they seem like they’ve been inclined to err on the side of safety and health.  I’m reserving some of my headspace for hope. The rest of it is concerned about things like :

  • Will they opt to go back to full 24/7 operations? (Let’s not do that, please.)
  • Will they opt to bring the bands back in and allow gatherings of any size, regardless of sensible distancing? (For the love of all that’s good and holy, let’s not do that, please.)
  • Will they opt to bring smoking back in? (AwHELLno.)

Any of those things are a problem for me, increasing in severity as we go down the list.

The 1st – Ugh. This makes school much less comfortable – but it’s still doable.

The 2nd – I don’t want ANYTHING to do with that. I’m not quite sure it’s at ‘I will -QUIT- motherfucker’ levels, but it’s not -too- far out. This is the one that clashes with fiscal pragmatism.

The 3rd in particular has the potential to simply precipitate immediate resignation and call-ins for any night they schedule me during my 2-weeks’ notice period.


I -WILL NOT- ever work in smoke again.

It is NOT negotiable.

(Which realistically I suppose translates to – You do not even POSSESS the quantity of money it would require for me to even daydream about considering working in smoke again – which stands far, far away from the reality that even if you DID possess such money, you’d rather not give it to me.)


If they go that route – they’re gonna have to dance and dance fancy to keep me there – and I’m not convinced it’d be worth it. I’ll blow up that bridge when we get to it, though. (And yes – I know. That’s just how I prefer to say the metaphor. Cope.)



One of our longest-tenured cocktail girls has taken to retrieving a newspaper for us, so that we can mess about with the puzzle page when it’s slow. I banged out the Cryptoquiz and the word search, and then she ran off with it to work on the crossword. She brought it back once she was done with it and I filled in the rest. It was rather fun watching her go over it to see which things she missed. (Girl likes crosswords. Go girl!)

I also managed most of the Sudoku before we ran out of time.


That – right there – should tell you how slow we were.


Hopefully Saturday will be a little better and get me closer to my budget target for the week. We shall see!

(and either way – Sunday and Monday off, so yay!)


Take it easy, folks.

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