January 31st, 2021

Well. Sunday night (usually good) after a snowstorm (iffyness). Ask Again Later, quoth the Magic 8-ball.

Well. It wasn’t bad, really.

Granted – it didn’t start out well. Moments after clocking in on time, I realize I left my backpack and laptop at home, completely negating my crucial ability to use my hour’s worth of break time at work to squeeze in a little extra homework/study time for my college classes.

THAT little fuckup is going to put my planned Monday half in the blender alllllll by itself. -sigh- I’ve worked out a plan of attack to correct for it, but it’s probably not gonna settle until end of Tuesday, assuming all goes well. Damn. Way to start the week off strong.

Anyway. The shift proper started out painfully slow, like supervisor went and got the crossword for me, it was so slow. It did pick up to a steadyish pace by the time the night was done, however. No real idiots to speak of. We had the odd cheapskate here and there, but you get that.

All considered, the night passed pleasantly enough, and I made twice what I did on Saturday night, which helped make up for it a bit.

It was inventory night, as it’s the last night of the month, but that just means lining up the bottle on the bar so that the bossman can count them. Not a big deal. Left on time, too.


Take it easy.

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