Trying to Show Gratitude More Often

I’m trying to better at showing I’m grateful for all the gifts/blessings in my life so here it goes five things I’m grateful for today:

  1. Today I notice more so than other days how grateful I am to be able to go outside and enjoy this beautiful Summer day it’s not quite as scorching hot as it has been the last couple weeks which is nice.  I recognize not everyone lives in a nice town or is able to get up and walk outside it is a privilege and I sometimes feel I at least take this for granted.
  2. My fiancé.  He has been my rock and with all the health issues, family stuff going on and today being a slow rough day at work I’ve was especially grateful when I saw him walk through the door when he got home from work.
  3. My grandaddy although he has recently passed I was doing another entry where I addressed that and it hit me that I should express that I was lucky enough to have both him and my grandmother who is still living be such a frequent and major part of my childhood and who played a significant role in helping raise me and molding me into the woman I am today.  I’m grateful for the memories and overwhelming number of life lessons he taught me.
  4. My future sister-in-law.  I adore my future sister in law she’s like the big sister I always wanted being the oldest of four.  When drama went down and my maid of honor backed out and roped in with other crap resulted in me losing a friend I knew for over 20 years she stepped up to take on the role of maid of honor sharing it with my sister.  She offered and is taking up planning my bridal shower while dealing with being in a high risk pregnancy situation never complains and is always willing to chip in and help no complaints whatsoever!
  5. Grateful to live near family and have their support and be able to see them for holidays and events.
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